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  1. 1 hour ago, Essay21 said:

    the corona is nothing compared to the virus in the movie was my point. If there was a virus killing children and otherwise healthy young people at a high clip it would be pure chaos. Corona is not that. 

    I watched it on like day 2 of shit getting real in the US, and it freaked me out a little. The mortality rate obviously isn't nearly as high, but the rest of the qualities seem pretty similar, especially for a work of pure fiction. We're up to almost 1.2M cases in the US, probably hitting 70k deaths after today. And that's just the confirmed number. It's a lot! And with many places opening up on days that they literally have the highest number of new cases/deaths, it doesn't seem like this is going away any time real soon. 

  2. I went with the blue light option too, because even though I don't entirely trust it, $50 for potentially saving my eyes seemed reasonable. 

    I'm not sleeping better, but that's due to other factors. I do think I have less eye strain, but that's a tough thing to quantify.

  3. I ended up in two "poker clubs" that were hosting tourneys at least once a day. One in the $40-75 range, one in the mostly $10 range that my more casual friends play in. The guy running the cheap one set up a whole WPT style earning system as a "league." He's putting way too much time and effort into it, but everyone else is having a good time. These guys are almost uniformly mediocre, and whenever I've gotten to a final table with chips to play, I really beat the shit out of everyone. It's comical. I make my mistakes early, cuz jesus having patience in a $10 game with a bunch of people playing tightass isn't fun, but god damn do I love short handed poker late in a tournament. The most embarrasing was heads up, I'm down like 20k to 80k, and I just hammer the guy for a ****ing hour, without doubling up once, and manage to flip the 80/20.  I called him down with jack high once, and ace/king high three other times. He had no idea what to do, and just folded into oblivion. I can't play my weekly indoor soccer game, so this is the only competition I'm getting, and I have to lean into it. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Napa_Don said:


    Never heard this term, and I like it. More for the pleasant lingual sound than the idea, but thanks either way.

    Pretty great time to be a tax collector and in charge of unemployment. Certainly no mental weight associated with any of that. 

  5. Is Buck in season 1? If not, he does show up a time or in the future. You'll also be missing out on JK Simmons as a retired ballplayer with a huge hog in S3, I think. Amanda Peet got busy and isn't in future seasons as much. 

  6. 3 hours ago, hank213 said:

    I totally forgot about that show. I meant to check it out. 

    Anybody know where I might find all the seasons of Brockmire thus far? I want to start with season 1 but directv and/or sundance are a bunch of assholes with their on demand offerings

    Hanky, this site is pretty perfect for that question. I use it almost daily.



    Also, Brockmire is really good.

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  7. I've had two different groups of acquaintances start "home games" on Pokerstars. Everyone venmo's the host before the tourney, and then you use play money to enter the tourneys. It's been a decent distraction.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Ron_Mexico said:

    Don’t buy the narrative they are selling on biden

    (Not directed you, but in general)

    why Biden can run and win:

    trump can’t speak and knows nothing
    Trump has 20 alleged sexual assaults, so don’t tell me about Biden’s alleged one
    Corrupt kids?  Trump’s kids are super corrupt and so is he  



    I'd like you to be right, but I just don't see where you get any of that confidence. I think he had like one okay debate, but aside from that, every public appearance looked like a disaster from the beginning of the campaign. And Trump has it set up so it literally doesn't matter he says or does. That base isn't going anywhere. 

  9. 51 minutes ago, Ron_Mexico said:

    Stop.  Nobody is worse than Trump. Nobody. A ham sandwich In the Oval Office would be less damaging than trump. 

    I didn’t want Biden, (or Bernie) but if you care at all about the environment, SCOTUS, women’s rights, people, or any number of other issues, you hold your nose and vote Biden.  You hope his vp will push him, you hope the legislators push him, or you can hope he dies in office


    but let’s be real, twitter likes Bernie, voters clearly don’t 


    I didn't say Biden would be worse, I said he's possibly more mentally unfit because of what appears to rapidly increasing dementia-like symptoms. And because of that, mixed with the ever-improving voter suppression tactics, it feels impossible that Biden will win. 


    Whatever, it all sucks. Liz would have tried to change a few good things, but we need a full overhaul. Republicans are so much better at the game. Rules and laws don't matter. Why would a president ever follow them again? 

  10. Multiple high-level Republicans, including Trump, have flat out said that if more people vote, the R's won't win. 20 somethings being loud online and not voting is a big problem for Dems, but jesus christ, supporting Biden feels terrible. He's possibly more incontinent than Trump. And he's still against universal health care during a ****ing pandemic. I will miss Bernie. 

  11. Just so we're clear: Brvy took part and enjoyed the voting process in Wisconsin today (which is a separate baffling question).

    The supreme court refusing to allow measures to make it safer for everyone to vote is criminal. 

    As a public official I try extremely hard not to ever post on Facebook. So I'm airing it here to you 10.

  12. I watched Contagion last night after the nutty basketball stuff. That is a movie that is scarily applicable! 

    Having the live fantasy draft on Saturday. It's an expansion year, up to 16 people, with one team having co-managers, making it 17 guys in one basement. It is a large basement, but the fear is certainly a subtext to the whole thing right now. Plus the uncertainty of the season, and this is shaping up to be an odd draft, in a bad way. I rename the league every year, trying to have something lightly amusing with what year the league is in. It's our 17th year, and early last week this is what I went with. 

    team logofelo_mlb_silver_mini@3x.png



    2020 Season


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