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  1. I've been going into the office from like 12-4 every day, as I got deemed some sort of 2nd level essential employee. My office is alone, and my staff that share an office have been alternating days. I've really liked the ability to just get out of the house for a little bit each day. Definitely good for the mental health. 

  2. 9 hours ago, brvheart said:

    I didn't even realize that was the big gottem from Thera's article.  Holy crap that is so horrible.  I can't believe we destroyed the economy for that.

    I think it's important to note that that statistic doesn't mean what it sounds like it means. If the USA had 400 million people, at 6 deaths per million, that's only 2400. And we're at 90,000. So, I don't know or care enough to find out, but the point, to me, was that the country that did the least, had the highest death rate.

  3. 52 minutes ago, CobaltBlue said:


    It's a really great movie. Love the suit. Love the music. Love the visuals. Love the pudding subplot.

    These thoughts really nail it. The suit idea is so wonderfully done. 

    PSH's reaction after the STFU line absolutely killed me. 

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  4. Leveraged buyouts have been taking care of that for years. Billionaires are $400 billion since the pandemic started. Amazon, Target, Walmart are all cruising along. 

  5. There's back-to-back episodes this season that are near-perfect. 

    Watched Punch-Drunk Love for the first time last night. I never knew what it was about, and always confused it with 50 First Dates, so I never bothered to watch. It was quite pleasant! And a brisk 87 minutes. I enjoyed myself. 

  6. So to be clear, the only way that the measures taken would have been acceptable were if the hospitals were overrun, the exact thing that the measures were trying to prevent? In your mind, the fact that significant steps were taken, and hospitals weren't overrun, means those steps were unnecessary? 

    And just so we're clear, you think 95% of the world's leaders who took similar precautions overreacted, yes? Your vote was for the Swedish model? 




  7. There's 90 thousand deaths WITH shutting down the country for two months. How can you say it "should be over" if all the measures that were taken were not sufficient? I don't understand just willingly giving up your parents and grandparents. Switching your argument from "the flu kills 40k a year, what's the big deal" to "well it's only 90k!" is ****ing stupid. 

    Waving the big giant ECONOMY flag is maddening. There is unlimited money. The politicians don't care about you, or your business. They can save whatever they want. 

  8. It's been the same shtick for....25 years? I can't listen to him just combine random sports and pop culture moments that don't make sense. Feels like a parody of himself at times.

  9. I listen to a few Rewatchables, pick and choose. I really don't have any interest in Simmons, at all. I listen to a lot more Big Picture, even if Dobbins is grating. 

  10. So while I've been playing 2-5 hours of cards every night, I've taken to watching live concerts over the last two weeks on the second screen. It's been good for a number of reasons, but mostly because who the **** knows when we'll be able to enjoy a live show again. 

  11. 5 hours ago, brvheart said:


    Everyone loves True Romance.  I didn't like and it wasn't memorable to me.  I guess I need to rewatch it since it's been like 25 years since I've seen it.

    Probably been 15 years for me, the one time I saw it, and I didn't hold it in any special place. Fits in well with the Tarantino discussion though. Maybe we could all give it a little rewatch. 

  12. Am I personally offended? No. But the way a lot of the racism is handled is on the offensive/objectionable side of the line. From an EW review that just popped up on the first page of results: ""Is [Quentin Tarantino's] Django attacking the cruelty [of slavery] or reveling in it?" 

    I think he's reveling in it, and it feels similar to his shitty racist Pulp character. 

  13. I don't find Django to be very rewatchable, and on the offensive side, despite a lot (like, 6?) of really good performances. Hateful Eight is along the same lines. I really love Inglorious, and Kill Bill 2 over 1 is just ****ing insane. So, I have a lot of issues with your list, and I think it sucks. 

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