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  1. We're bringing all the employees back full time on Tuesday (20 in my building), and then opening back to the public on July 13th. We'll see how it goes.
  2. Isn't the truth the best option? It's not exactly a surprising situation.
  3. If you have a moderate understanding of both what you want, and whether it can be accomplished (and what things cost), I'd say building is the way to go if you have a decent parcel. The cost can come out pretty equal, with the large advantage of literally living in a house exactly as you want it. You need a reputable builder/engineer. I possess none of those qualities, and will never attempt such a thing. My buddy, who had worked for a contractor as a teen, bought in on a development and designed his whole place with the builder, and its absolutely everything he wanted. Sure it cost $600
  4. Don't feel like the idiot, buddy. All the other morons are.
  5. The disenfranchisement over the last couple decades has to be pretty frustrating. The GOP is really good at it. "Go vote" tends to carry a lot less impact if the game is rigged. https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/06/23/louisville-ky-with-600000-people-gets-one-voting-location-today/
  6. It's a been a bizarre run. If the death rate stays downward even with the insane infection rate, I mean, I have no idea. This was the graph I saw:
  7. I don't understand anything you just said, but congrats! I gotta tell ya, I like shaking hands. Gonna miss it. As a referee, on a 3 game set, I could shake well over a hundred hands. Some of it has transitioned to fist bumps and stuff, but the forearm bump looks and feels real weird. I could go for lots of bowing. Maybe we can get that going.
  8. Because of lackadaisical formatting, I don't know what you're quoting, and what's a sentient thought from you, but right after the part that you quoted: "Carrie Williams, a spokesperson for the Texas Hospital Association, also said Texas has enough hospital capacity, though she added that hospitalizations numbers are "definitely a concern." “Right now we’re in good shape, but if this trend continues, it’s not sustainable,” she said." The media has done a terrible job with everything for a long time. Rich people long ago figured out that buying the news is a good thing for
  9. Also in the take it for what its worth category, a Chinese study says antibodies fade pretty quickly, so who knows about herd immunity. https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2020/06/chinese-study-antibodies-covid-19-patients-fade-quickly
  10. Arizona is starting to run low on ICU beds. Houston is at 97% capacity. The anti-mask rhetoric might be mostly to blame. Something simple everyone can do, and it's become a politicized thing about rights and manliness.
  11. On that, we agree. Texas, man: Edit: Let's just get the whole US in there, on this, the day that it had the highest number of cases yet:
  12. I've quite enjoyed working 12-4 for my regular pay, in my solo office, with 3-5 other people in the building, while being closed to the public. Gonna be a bit miserable those first couple weeks we're back to "normal."
  13. No, not in today's world. Look how hard and objective Stratty has been on himself. The man is putting in serious work to play that miserable dating game, and he's getting results. Sitting around judging women in 2020 for....wanting to text? That's not gonna get it done, pal.
  14. Good point. Wouldn't want to be with someone of the opposite sex who you can carry on a conversation with about lots of different topics. And you DEFINITELY wouldn't want to be in a long term relationship with that person.
  15. I don't mind my wifes service, but the church is 35-40 minutes away, there's Sunday school for an hour after, and they have a coffee hour during that time that's mostly just for bitching about various things (liberals, each others personal lives). So it's a 3 hour commitment from start to finish, with a bunch of people I don't feel the need to spend much time with. The pandemic has been a welcome release from that schedule.
  16. Depends what level of service we're talking. If it's just the basic ~45 minutes, in and out type deal, it can be a decent way to just kind of meditate. If she's more involved and you're going to have to join the "community," then it sucks a lot more.
  17. Stratty, there's loads of advice in each of those paragraphs that Suited wrote. Not much going on here though.
  18. It's a weird time man, I don't think most people are quite themselves. Go along with it, see what happens, don't put too much stock into anything either way. Maybe things get 20% more normal in a month, and you can sit 6 feet away from her at a bar. I don't know.
  19. If anyone saw the Brockton, MA protest last night, that city is one street over from me. My buddy lives right next to the police station, so his building was on camera for much of the evening. He took in a little tear gas, but didn't mix it up. ❤️ the police state!
  20. The St. Paul mayor said it's all out of state white people doing the rioting, and there's some decent evidence it's the same across the country, which...asks a lot of questions, and all of the answers are real shitty.
  21. Not that you have any choice in the matter, but "virtual date" sounds much worse than a regular date. At least with no texting, you'll have a full arsenal of stuff to chat about. Maybe some light-hearted race riot talk.
  22. There it is, in case you needed the extra push to get uniqlo.
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