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  1. i mean, the other way to do it is pay out 100 or 200, but only give them $1 each, which greatly dilutes the rest of the prize pool for the people who play 9 hours to win it...i like it much better this way. i dont give a shit about playing for 6 hours, finishing 100th, and winning $4.50 for an hourly rate of what some nike employee in india makes

  2. I'm in, i played in the one over the weekend, but i got moved to a table where 7 of the 10 players where away, so it was 3 handed with everyone trying to get the blinds. I was just aggressive and eventually got busted, it just wasnt that fun.i started on RVP like 2 years ago, its not a bad site, there used to be mostly euro's on the site, which led to some different playing styles. not sure of the crowd there lately...gl in the freeroll, these things are a grind...

  3. ughim sitting around 18k, short stack goes all in for 1500 or so, guy behind him just calls, i got jj, i just call.flop comes 10-8-6, other guy bets 3k, i raise to 7500, he goes all in ,only another 2900 to me, so i feel i gotta call, flips over kings, and the short stack ends up catchin a flush to win that pot...picked up aces the next hand and went all in trying to play the role of the on-tilt guy, no one calls, down to 7k now, about 2500 below average.that ****in smooth call...i dont see how i ever fold if he doesnt raise w/the kings.edit:: i guess w/more time i prolly woulda folded instead of raising, he prolly has trips or the overpair, cuz no reason to bluff into a big stack...but in 20 seconds i couldnt make the right decision. god damn tournaments

  4. I feel the same was as Royal_Tour...it just seems like with a one or two rushes then cashing is a shoo-in, but then that one drawout or bad beat happens and 3 hours is wasted. The other thing that sucks is you're guarenteed at least 2 hours of play no matter what MTT it is, just playing a solid game and waitin to double up once or twice. after the 2 hours is over it really depends on cards and the table you're at, being next to a chip leader right after the 2nd break always sucks.i finished 31 when top 20 pay in a MTT on UB yesterday, lost my trip 10's w/a king to the BB who had 10-4 and caught a boat on the river. Was above average and he only had a couple hundred more chips than me...that led to pissing away another $75 on ring games and sit n gos cuz i bored and frustated...currently playing in the 12k guarenteed $30+3 on UB, at the first break now w/25% above average, we'll see how tonight goes...

  5. Noo these arent the good players, they're the players with money.One of my friends said he checked his bosses partypoker account at work and saw $5000 worth of deposits and no cashouts, and they guy didnt care at all. People like him get lucky for an hour or two in these tourneys and end up much farther than they should be. I call it the Moneymaker theory.

  6. Last night i was playing in the $50 rebuy tourney on absolute, 11k guarenteed. Only 83 people entered, but there were 83 rebuys and there was also a double add-on, the prize pool ended up just over 11k, final 9 paid out and it was $390 for 9th. Admittedly i wasn't planning on adding on or rebuying, already a poor decision to play, but tourneys have been a strong suit lately. Anyways, i was quiet through the first 45 minutes at my table because it was so loose, doubled up twice, and by the 2nd break we were down to about 40 people and i was right around average. My cards throughout the whole tournament were terrible, but i picked my spots and won a ton of small pots.We get down 11 people, and the decision that i always have trouble making is go for the money, or for the win. I understand its a personal decision all the time, and in most cases im playing larger tourneys were the top 40 or 50 payout the measly 1% of the prize pool. But here if i made the final table i was getting 8x my money at least. I had about 20k left, the average stack was 45k, and the chip leader was at my table with about 100k. 11 people left, only one person significantly shorter than me. Blinds and antes were pretty high,i think 1000/2000 +100 ante, but my M was very low. Id been trying to steal the blinds and antes when no one showed strength and this hand came up. The big stack in 2nd position raised to 10k and i had kq at the 6 handed table. I ended up going all in and busting against 88, and a few minutes later the last guy went out (he spent $700 to get 10th place, so i felt better about only losing $50). What do you guys do in general? Base it on the payout? where this was almost $400 guarenteed, i feel i maybe shouldve just waited it out, as opposed to where im guarenteed $40 if i finish in 30th in some other tourney.Just a problem I've never felt comfortable with...nothing feels worse than goin out on the bubble, but i hate making the final table and not being able to play my game.

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