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  1. call w/aq utg, guy raises it up, i fold he had 10s, get moved the hand after that, pick up aq again utg+1, i call, just me and the BB, flop comes q-2-4, he obviously has q2 and im out
  2. yea im wondering the same thing...
  3. 3225 at first break, avg is 2500...only 1200 people left!phil, antonio, some others knocked out. annie is still inwhats freddy deebs and vorhaus' name?pretty uneventful hour, ive only showed winning cards, but ive folded to like 5-6 reraises and i think im a target, but ill bust someone soon enough on it.edit: some guy tilting just called a couple 1/2 pot bets w/over cards and rivered a king to take 1000 off me, so now im below average. shtty
  4. How many people gonna play in this? Only 10 bucks, the bounty prizes are pretty sweet ($250 and a bunch of UB poker shiz), plus gonna be like 3k or so for the winner...Definately gonna be lots of donks, and i assume most of them will have all in fests tryin to knock out a pro, meaning that there should be lots of easy chips. I dont have a life, so if i play for 4 hours and don't cash, at least itll be midnight and i can go to sleep.
  5. boot up poker room and watch it on thereive tried to deposit money on fcp, they wont take my instacash, support tells me that its netellers problem, but ive never had a problem anywhere else...fuk 'em
  6. well hopefully this won't turn into a boatload but... uhm' date=' Theraflu? explanation?[/quote']When it comes to creating names for fantasy teams or usernames or anything, i've always lacked any sort of creative edge. So when i created my first poker account on royal vegas, i was lookin around my room and saw my box of theraflu there, and thus the name was created. it's a fun conversation starter at tables and such, lots of good medicine jokes, plus that sh♪t works wonders.
  7. and the award for most completely random name and avatar goes to...I think it'd be more funny if the user ID was TheraFlu but had a picture of Midol as an avatar. Well, not really more funny but more, you know...it would be funny, but it would also prompt a boatload of questions about the name that id feel obligated to answer and which medicine i feel more obliged too, and i just don't want to do deal with all that pressure.
  8. i played in this liek 3 times in a week a few months ago, got 3rd once, cashed the 2nd time and didnt cash the 3rd time, its really a low-skill tourney for $50 and as long as you dont get too many shiity cards, a tight/aggro game works pretty well...
  9. i was playing w/one my friends today and he said on he was on bodog playign a $12 sitngo, and there were a ton of people railing for some reason. There was a guy named like backstreetboy1, and everyone kept saying that he was going to win b/c he could see everyones hole cards. my friend didnt believe him, but got down to heads up, and he said the guy kept typing in like "a9" "q10" etc and he was dead on every time. he ended up losing when he said he realized he had to just go all in preflop to have any hope at winning, and the hand he went all in the guy flopped a boat w/like j6. my friend isn
  10. FCP isnt allowing my neteller instacash to work, im not really sure why.i go over to poker room and make a deposit and it worked just fine, but no dice on FCP. oh well, im over it
  11. im with you man, i have a hard time playing lower limits straight up and just being patient to make money, and waste so much money overplaying my foes. definately **** online poker. but i cant get away
  12. if its true, definately messed up. but at the same time, it doesnt really matter...do you have to cash out more than once a week? I wish i needed to cash out more than once a month.
  13. nice now you got all the groupies there mucking up chat
  14. lol thanks, i just saw his name in red and didnt know, ive probably read it before but my memory is far from what i would consider "useful"
  15. tre what do you base your raises on? i hate those strange numbers, they always throw me off.
  16. cane that was pretty closemin raise utg 89?
  17. grr i lost this when i raised from button w/9d-5d w/one limper in the pot, the bb and limped call, flop comes a-k-5 all diamonds, i bet the pot, get checkraised by the BB, i go all in, and he calls...with Qd-8h!naturally he caught the 7-outer on the turn. frustrated.
  18. i found this hand amusing.$10 MTT for spots in the 150k on UB tomorrowHand #10047946-6 at Sat730pmFeedB-007 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 03/Dec/05 19:38:28 Zoorath is at seat 0 with 1335. bfeck is at seat 1 with 1480. ranger59 is at seat 2 with 1480. pagodayea is at seat 3 with 1500. SSMonstar is at seat 4 with 1415. askmelanie is at seat 5 with 1500. Wolfman79 is at seat 6 with 1415. cyarnell is at seat 7 with 1500. BigSlick820 is at seat 8 with 1475. Cardinal22 is at seat 9 with 4900. The button is at seat 1.
  19. http://www.paradisepoker.com/promotions/20...llion_freeroll/
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