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  1. ohhhh yeaaaaaaa my other part of my original post:i read in someones post a week or two about one of phil gordon's necessities for becoming a pro was that you gotta have someone to talk to on a regular basis about poker. someone said that was the only element they were missing, and it turned out to be very important to their success.(mother ******, just get drawn out on a 2 outer. anyways)i was wondering how much having somone to talk to on a regular basis helps your regular poker game? I started playing almost 2 years ago, and me and my friends learned the game together for the first year, a
  2. i've only played at the casino a handful of times, but i think i tend to do the nosup4u theory of affinity kind of naturally...whenever i have a tough hand or "bet the flush on the river" i give my toughest opponent a look and just kind of hope he understands that im a good player on his level (as i hope he's a good player on my level) that ill be able to take pots from here and there and that i wont confront very often. I think these people are pretty evident at any online NL table of any sort after 30-45 mins, just with minimum intelligent chat and a few decent shown hands. In MTTs setting u
  3. i really dont have a live workin bankroll, ive kept track of all my profits/losses since i started playing about 18 months ago, so i know what ive made since i started, and have a general idea about how i play live vs online and such. im just a college student w/a shtty job that hasnt made enough to buy in for 500 two or three times. obviously a couple buy ins can be lost just due to bad luck and being outdrawn, but the question was more on what kind of competition the 2/5 table was, since my initial observations were that its a relatively weak table.
  4. I'm six st. pauli's and half a pint of grey goose in, and waitin for the next tourney to start on UB so i thought i'd ask a few questions...1) I was at foxwoods on tuesday when it was packed cuz of all the rich kids getting money for xmas and couldn't get a seat at the 1/2 NL table. Technically, that table is stretching my bankroll but its the lowest they have, so I don't mind playing it if im the best player there. However, there were some 2/5 seats open. If i had an extra 4-$500 in my bankroll i definately woulda sat down, but i didn't want to risk all of my available money at one table. I w
  5. this IS the internet...theres really no proof for this to be THE brandon adams from the TOC, so it would take more than just one post that quotes a bunch of stuff from the forum to make this a go.
  6. its a poker game, they both respect each other, its not some flame-war on a forum.
  7. i believe DC admitted DN would crush him in NL, HU limit is Dc's specialty, daniel is trying to learn from him...
  8. was playing on the $25 NL bodog last night, had QQ raised 4x preflop, one caller, flop comes Q-7-7, villain checks, i check, turns an Ace putting 3 flush on the board, he checks i check, river is a blank, he bets $2, i raises to $5, he raises all in and flips over 7-7. that was nice.So after that i was down to $1.63 or somethin, worked it up to like $4 about 15 hands later, and i flopped quad 6's. ended up with one guy who went all in with 7-2 because there was also a 2 on the flop. he scared everyone else out of the pot. hadn't seen two people flop quads in succession so fast. wish i'd had
  9. It's a chance to pay your dues. Have you not paid yours yet? And you're flaming our newest member ? ohhhhhhhhh....Handing out my chips to various poker players around the world has more than accounted for my dues. I say this as i sit at the Ultimate points table hoping to accumulate enough points to sneak into a $5 mtt so i can kill a few hours.*edit* now im broke on points too
  10. I've never undestood the concept of a "hi, im new" post. Why make it? The post count will allow everyone to know that you're new anyways. and making a topic because of it? Do you just want attention?i realize you're far from the only person to make one of these retarded threads, but it still doesn't make it right.
  11. you should have thrown this into my thread about how people suck.
  12. A lil $5 MTT, this guy is the biggest rock ive ever seen. hasn't raised yet, an hour in. Amazing to me.Hand #10406029-64 at Tue10amA-006 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 20/Dec/05 11:01:45 pagodayea is at seat 0 with 1905. wooten77 is at seat 1 with 2785. Dolphfan is at seat 2 with 2580. Dweeble is at seat 3 with 2935. timber man is at seat 4 with 3855. Kburnt25 is at seat 5 with 8070. DANDEE611 is at seat 7 with 6200. rustycar2 is at seat 8 with 4685. smokeymacpot is at seat 9 with 250. The button is at seat 0. woo
  13. funny, my tickets say patriots/seahawks
  14. I almost actually was rofl'ing.
  15. The only reason i wouldn't have checked the flop is because it looks a lot more suspicious than just betting out. In his mind, why wouldn't you bet the flop? Because you missed it, even though you've moved him off several hands already? I think checkin screams set. While i think it's better to make a continuation bet there, maybe about 1/3 of the size you'd been making previously. If he calls you go broke anyways, but just a thought.
  16. so what you're saying is, theredpill would fit right in?
  17. It's good to be constantly analyzing your game, like you said you focus more on things you're doing rather than just letting the cards fall where they may. I've been on streaks of 2-4 months where everything just seems to go wrong constantly, then I'll have a 2-3 week period where i feel like i play my @ss off and evewrything hits just right.Variance is a whore, but you just need to keep re-evaluating and trying to figure out on your own why you're losing. sometimes the bad beats happen when your money's already in the pot, other times its because you let them draw out or priced them in. You
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