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  1. does that mean you can see 24 cards at a time before they're flopped?
  2. also, anyone else goin to the extreme beer fest in boston in february?I went to new england beer fest back in november, was an amazing time, nothing like getting cocked off of new, tasty beer at 2 pm.
  3. i <3 sam adams winter variety pack
  4. Do you think you can beat the button? The main pot is pretty big, and if you're just isolating to not win any chips, what's the point? Button could have anything, from a flush draw to overpair to a set, and the utg could have nut flush draw as well.overall, i'd say its too aggressive that early in the tourney, but that being said, it's a play i think i make too often.
  5. thanks, didnt realize the checkraise at first was so small. i tend to price people in too often when their chasing, one of my main flaws.
  6. Hand #10100463-39108 at Lund (No Limit Hold'em)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 02/Jan/06 15:25:35 NotGambling is at seat 0 with $100. KortNilsen is at seat 1 with $98. pagodayea is at seat 2 with $136.65. blkcldz is at seat 3 with $178.25. lahire is at seat 4 with $202.25. Drax3 is at seat 5 with $95.45. AL Z 23 is at seat 6 with $80.70. Raise_It_Up_B is at seat 7 with $392.30. K a h l is at seat 8 with $176.45. rdeluca is at seat 9 with $105.40. The button is at seat 8. rdeluca posts the small blind of $1. NotGambling posts the big bl
  7. A-10 in the small blind, EP raises it, i call, hit the ace on the flop and lose to ak.
  8. Getting Hand History Information...----------------------------------------------------------------Hand #10699647-105 at Sun9pm200-014 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 01/Jan/06 22:40:18 marino99 is at seat 0 with 6845. Whimsy is at seat 1 with 2410. ThorKGB is at seat 2 with 5860. sartorsauce is at seat 3 with 1050. pagodayea is at seat 4 with 3035. _DIRESTR8S_ is at seat 5 with 8745. wujamie is at seat 6 with 3195. Trappeddd is at seat 7 with 5890. papaGEORGIOOO is at seat 8 with 10770. palo11 is at seat 9 with 2590. T
  9. just tilted away all my chips, ended up getting lucky and doublin back up to 2k. folded 99 and on the flop and woulda hit a set on the turn, woulda had 5k or so. time to regain composure.
  10. damn nice handi had the same thing happen to me, i had 66, flop was k-3-3, i raised the utg bet, he called, i hit a 6 on the turn, but i he didnt have much i guess cuz he folded to a 1/4 pot bet. down to 1440 at the break, just lost 550 w/ak
  11. not w/plays like this...i just cant help myself teneight. pagodayea posts the small blind of 15. _DIRESTR8S_ posts the big blind of 30. sartorsauce: -- -- pagodayea: 9d 8d Pre-flop: Machina44 raises to 60. kannio folds. papaGEORGIOOO folds. palo11 folds. leggggggggggy folds. Wise Wizzard folds. bf10857 folds. sartorsauce calls. pagodayea calls. _DIRESTR8S_ folds. Flop (board: 3h Th Ts): pagodayea checks. Machina44 checks. sartorsauce checks. Turn (board: 3h Th Ts 6h): pagodayea bets
  12. im at 1500, havent had much at all, lost 600 with a loose chip leader at my table calling a pot size bet w/overs.just got moved though, we'll see how this table isnh btw
  13. just win, you dont need to do math
  14. My first $200 tourney, just took the buy in off the donks at the 1/2 tables in 45 mins. Lot of people in? So many big tourney on Sundays...im pagodayea. I hope i get to chastise annie duke.
  15. CD Poker has an all-in button, probably the stupidest button ive ever seen.only took one misclick for me to not play there again.
  16. change your name to KY Jelly then.nah, if im gonna get dirtied, might as well be done w/all the roughness
  17. gl man, UB feels like sticking a metal pole up my ass tonight
  18. i underbet the turn, but aside from that, i doubt hes even folding pagodayea: Ks Kh TJM19: -- -- CRY2RIVER: -- -- Pepilo: -- -- Bumpslut: -- -- el chamoy: -- --Pre-flop: Mixed Karma folds. Man Dem calls. webb816 folds. Wilson folds. pagodayea raises to 60. TJM19 folds. CRY2RIVER calls. Pepilo folds. Bumpslut folds. el chamoy folds. Man Dem calls. Flop (board: 4h 3s 5s): Man Dem checks. pagodayea bets 120. CRY2RIVER calls. Man Dem folds. Turn (board: 4h 3s 5s Jd): pagoday
  19. nice job, starting off well...i wish i hadnt started drinkin at 230. I'm so tired now lol.gl to you
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