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  1. by far the best of run of cards ive had in a short period of time...that ak really woulda been great.
  2. thanks for the advice/help, sounds good.im getting my first good run of cards, pretty good time for it.that early big hand, had kj for top two, good cards just keep on coming
  3. i understand what you're saying about limping, i assume its mostly because the blinds are so high and there really isnt much flop play, but no one seems to be raising more than the minimum so im just lookin to flop something strong to play with. the EP limp i had a9 suited, but neither of them had anything so i took it down. unneccesary risk? probably.the all in from the BB i had kk.the set of ducks was wonderful.
  4. do i even bother trying to steal w/the two huge stacks to my left?talk about shitty ****ing position.
  5. QQ im callin all the way anyways...
  6. river keeps helping me out. def shoulda led out on the flop, im playing too scared.
  7. yea i wasnt folding there, though i had to be beat.im trying to steal, theres been some oppurtunities but the guy on my left seems to call a lot. the guy on my right is erratic, im having a tough time figuring out what he has.im in decent position though, be nice to pick up some hands soon.
  8. how do i decide when to limp and when to raise? i hate being transparent and limping with mediocre hands, but i dont have the chips to raise 3x the bb and then fold to an all-in...i havent shown a lot of hands yet, so my raises are getting some respect, but i feel like if i limp then im asking for people to come over the top. i hate the idea of limping with strong hands, because it's fukked me over too often in the past, but its necessary to disguise play at some point...
  9. had 88 on that CO raise, i think tibmerlands is getting mad at me. gonna have to be careful w/my spots.
  10. woulda liked that 13k that the shortstack got when he picked up ak in the bb.
  11. yea pissed away that 10k on ace-rag, hate middle pocket pairs at this stage, i have a hard time figuring out when they're good or not.
  12. i think you went to the $10 that started a lil earlier
  13. unfortunately tomorrow is my first day of classes, and wednesdays i gotta commute to boston from 30 miles south and then do class 9-6...i picked the wrong night to do well in one of these luckfests.
  14. sweet just got moved to a table where im chip leader
  15. Down to 60 people in a $10 tourney on party, started w/2100 or whatever, tourney ID: 570854.Anyone bored, i'd appreciate some comments/critiques on my play down the stretch, doubled up twice so i got an above average stack, really trying to see if i can figure out some good late-tourney strategy.edit: sn is pagodayea
  16. i like the short stack that just tried a steal on the big stack...always a smart move.
  17. you gave yourself a bump after 19 minutes? Relax a bit, go for a jog, play a stt, but give someone a chance to answer you
  18. he's 3rd right now...i think all the tables that are full direct you back to the website, which is useless...i did find one table i could open, but naturally had no interest whatsoever in it.gl guys
  19. im gonna say that if it costs anything more than 10, its not worth it.most NBA games arent even worth 30.
  20. for some reason i just got a bunch of medicine references...
  21. "whitty" eh?how about 'being sodomized'?
  22. ya checked it on the calculator 3 times to be sure, then still went to the trusty pencil and paper just to be positive. came out 25 once, but i threw that one out.
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