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  1. Recently got Terra Mystica. Very very good. Castles of Burgundy remains my favorite, I think. I don't have any of the expansions Brvy mentioned (except Seaside), but most of the games. Been looking into Power Grid. Amazon has also had a pretty good sale on Blood Rage, which I haven't played, but is very highly rated. Been putting off buying it all day. Splendor is also great for a quick one. The Game of Thrones board game remains amazing, but tough to play with newbies.
  2. It's 25 minutes of a big dumb grin on my face, broken up only by chortles and guffaws. "Danny" Egan is so good.
  3. Man, I saw that in the theater, for free, because T-mobile gave tix away to boost their opening weekend numbers. Truly a terrible film.
  4. Had a KBS today for the first time. It is a great beer. Also had an Enjoy After 4/20/17, which was an IPA with brett. Worried it would be too funky, but man, it was a pretty nice surprise. Really unique flavor packed into one sip, almost ended up drinking like a saison.
  5. stratalingo, it appears waffles is back. No idea on how active/good it currently is, but its better than nothing, probably.
  6. I'm not a huge fan, but he's got some good stuff, and the venue is great for intimacy. Holds under a thousand, no bad standing spots. Of course, these lyrics portend mild nerves: All these white folks chanting when I asked 'em where my niggas at? Goin' crazy, got me goin' crazy, I can't get wit' that Wonder if they know, I know they won't go where we kick it at Ho, this shit ain't Gryffindor, we really killin', kickin' doors
  7. You watch The Lobster? Great film. You'll hate it.
  8. Seeing Vince Staples next Tuesday, then the live fantasy draft on April 1st. Should be a good week.
  9. You should always ride Florence. She's your 36 inch chain.
  10. I don't know man, there's lots of Nazi movies to go around.
  11. Echo your Moonlight sentiments, BigD. I really liked it.
  12. I have the day off, its at 70 degrees in February, I'm grilling up some bacon cheeseburgers for lunch, and I'm seeing Run the Jewels tonight. Gonna be hard to top this for a while.
  13. Last week with the Reagan museum was possibly the best thing I've seen since Atlanta.
  14. Also: Drink more, but control yourself.
  15. yeah, money makes everything better.
  16. The shed business used him up and spit him out. I'm sure tilty will be on the lookout for the next legal con.
  17. Well, at least you aren't repulsive enough to be memorable. You think she'd forget someone like Essay?
  18. Or maybe you've had so many hookups over the years because of all this free meating. Mostly though, Napa, Subway is trash.
  19. But I do already have the day off from work.
  20. Had kids playing outdoor bball in tshirts today. Got a foot+ of snow coming tomorrow. Two weeks til RTJ.
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