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  1. That AD dagger...ouch. After Jokic dragged his team to a winning position, to have all fall apart because of a Plumlee. Tough stuff.

    I've been watching the F1 show on Netflix, Drive to Survive, and I'm considering adding Formula 1 racing to my neverending interests. It's pretty entertaining, it looks amazing in 4k, and races are like 2 hours on a Sunday morning. Lots to like, except the complete lack of drama at the top. Bit of a downer to just know Mercedes is going to win. 

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  2. I have, and quite enjoyed it. Didn't read the reviews/interviews til after. My opinion of the movie is influenced by me having read, and loved, Ice, by Anna Kavan, of which I picked out the cover in an early scene before they mentioned it. 

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  3. 8 hours ago, InternetExplorer said:

    why is every presidential election worse than the last, in terms of the way people act during the run-up, for my entire adult life?  it's very possible that I'm just more aware the older I get. 

    The polarization of the two sides has increased unfathomably since the advent of cable news. Watch Starship Troopers. Remember the "goofy" propagandist news network? That movie came out like two years after Fox News debuted. Verhoeven saw what was coming. 

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  4. You don't think people ****ing notice when the ****ing president of the ****ing country skips visiting a ****ing foreign veteran cemetery? How he can both tweet that he didn't call McCain a loser for getting captured, while linking to an article that says that he said that ****ing thing? 

    **** you, man. 

  5. Yes i ****ing 100% believe that story because its consistent with every ****ing thing he's ever said. You're a ****ing ******* and a piece of a shit if you don't believe the story that's ****ing triple sourced, AND ****ING EXACTLY IN LINE WITH EVERYTHING HES EVER SAID. 

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  6. I'm not here to kink shame.

    I moved into a new house over the last week. My father-in-law built two houses a few years ago, and this one has been empty, not completely finished. I'm going to "rent" it, for now, mostly cause the house has a zillow price of almost 600k, and, come on. Small town MA is insane. Moving a family of 4 sure does suck a lot of ass, but we're in pretty good shape. It's been a long 10 days or so. It's 4 bed, 3.5 bath, 2600 SqF. Unfinished basement that has great potential for the future. It's nice finally having some space. 

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  7. I got Comcast cable with HBO/Peacock/Showtime/Netflix, I pay for the 4k Netflix upgrade, I have Hulu, Disney +, and ESPN+, all separate because of a 3-year Disney+ commitment I made, Amazon Prime, and I had/cancelled 2 months of Fanatiz to watch Spanish soccer. I also use the Hoopla/Kanopy apps, which have movies to rent through your library, but those are free, at least.

    I also have League Pass and MLB.tv. 

    I....need to cut back. 

  8. And brvy, your "I totally agree" lines where you then spout something off with about 25% of Napa's initial intent is infuriating to me, and I'm not a person who has befriended you in real life.

  9. Seems like a weird belief, where every country that combated this thing successfully was based on testing and isolating infected people.

    Taiwan has fewer active cases than the Miami Marlins. 


  10. 10 hours ago, Ron_Mexico said:

    Well screw you too 


    also, Colby will quote your post with some sort of sad gif in three days or less 

    I think he meant it as a complement, ie, you aren't a generic "Florida man". Please see some Atlanta episode from season 1 for reference. 

  11. I realize Cuomo gets undeserved good press, which I guess is the crux of your main issues, but no one who paid attention thinks he did anything less than a bad job. I agree that tweet you posted is a very stupid headline, and probably a dumb article. 

  12. I know you don't believe the reasoning for it, but Florida removed the woman in charge of the Corona data, because she wasn't doing it how they wanted, and she felt like they were suppressing numbers. So, if you believe her, that would constitute pretty ****ing good evidence that they're trying to juice the numbers. Plus, you know, Trump removing the CDC's ability to report the numbers. 

  13. guess we're back to bigdaddystrat, which feels like this all started. 

    Obviously I don't know the specifics, but unless her and the father live far away from each other, I would assume she would still see/interact with the boy quite often, especially on weekends, which is when you'll mostly be with her? The kid living with his dad doesn't mean she just exits the life for a year. If that whole scenario is actually an option, I would think it means they have a healthy relationship that bends to the child's needs, which is generally an indicator of good people. It doesn't take much animosity to make changing the living scenario a court-judged decision. 

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  14. It's quite good, and pretty fun the whole time. And it's a little deeper than you might expect. I haven't rewatched it yet, but I plan on it soon.

    First Cow is pretty wonderful, also. It's a quiet, lovely portrayal of friendship, a couple of guys in a group setting they don't really want to be, just doing their best. 

  15. I've been doing a pretty good job with movies, but haven't had the patience for hour-long dramas, since quarantine started. I did watch ZeroZeroZero (which is excellent!) but I think that's it.

    Last weeks movies included Palm Springs, First Cow, Greyhound, The Old Guard. and The Long Dumb Road.

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