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  1. My boss' last day was today. Great boss, will be missed. I put in for the position, but I'm only like 65% qualified. Seems unlikely. He was making 105k, but he'd been there for 25 years, so I put in at 80k b/c I literally don't know almost half the job. On the plus side, he does strongly vouch for me, but his opinion probably carries like 5% weight. Of course, if they hire someone awful, then the 3 people in the department might all leave, leaving the new hire super ****ed, since they most likely won't know the software or payroll or anything. Should be a fun couple weeks!
  2. I saw them a few years on the Reflektor tour. It's a fun show.
  3. The Red Viper was wasted. George's plot device of secret baby Targaryen's being raised all across the world with like 1 person knowing their true identity is terrible.
  4. My fantasy baseball keepers this year were Thor, Bumgarner, Starling Marte, Trea Turner, and Nelson Cruz. I lost the first 3 within 10 days of each other back in April. Despite this, I'm 3rd (out of 14), and things were looking up, with Madison and Marte due back soon, and Trea running all over the place. And then this god damn broken hand...it's made me a bit sad every time I look at my team. Alas.
  5. I'm not a good dropboxer, but try this? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tn7ti64llrdm0oh/AAD6LjMnxUXGwLGhBkbO9bLLa?dl=0
  6. Not that I have invites, but waffles is back up.
  7. Can't believe they killed off Jimmy. Really makes next season interesting.
  8. Lot more time without the NBA going
  9. Guardians 2 was like 4th in the box office last week, but it's still kinda astonishing that it's still selling out.
  10. My parents have become Disney freaks, and mentioned that that ride was rocking a 7 hour wait at times. That is.........excessive.
  11. Coulda gone for a straight "No" reply.
  12. Better than he deserves, much like the rest of us.
  13. The Boston Calling festival is next weekend. But it's 3 days, and Saturday sucks, and it's on the expensive side. Friday has Chance and Bon Iver, Sunday has RTJ and Tool. Saturday has a 2-hour Mumford and Sons set. Single day tix run $120 or so, or the 3-day pass is like $300. My friends' trying to craiglist some passes for half price, but it seems unlikely. Plus, multiple days of training it into/outta the city is miserable, since parking at/around Harvard is going to be impossible. I think you can reserve a 1 day parking spot for $60.
  14. huh. I always thought they were from my neck of the woods.
  15. Good luck Naps. I'm sure MN has a thriving underground hip hop scene you'll be able to dive right into.
  16. Nah. Tilt sucks, but he's not a liar. I think he'd pop in and give a basic farewell.
  17. that was a good god damn basketball game
  18. Master of None was reallllly good.
  19. Happy mother's day, suited, you mother fucker.
  20. Please, at least outlast Tilt. Then you can give up.
  21. Mostly, just try to say goodbye before the end. I'm sure you'll suck up just enough to keep going. Come back soon.
  22. Pandemic is very well done game. Full coop. Probably a bit hard to win at first, but as you learn you can increase difficulty. It's a good groupthink experience. There's also a great app version you can buy to try it out. If you end up with a regular (weekly or bi-weekly) group, Pandemic Legacy is probably the best game ever. If you're looking for quick and simple, as Strat mentioned, Splendor is hard to beat. Rules consist of 1 page. There's also a very good app version of that as well.
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