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  1. Weak seed don't play in any society.
  2. Yeah, everyone brvy knows is just banging each other, and everyone knows about it but him. It's tragic.
  3. I mean, I still made plenty of good, mean barbs, at basically every opportunity. There just weren't that many chances, so it felt like less. Never let an awful cancer change your opinion of someone. That's what I always say.
  4. I know it's just the North, but he's still a god damn king.
  5. Napa, there is no criticism of you anywhere in that post.
  6. I mean, hooray for the guns, but Bonecrusher is like a $35 bottle of year-old new-fangled distillery nonsense.
  7. Then there's this, which makes a ton of sense for certain parts: https://ozba.wordpress.com/2017/08/31/twin-peaks-audrey-billy-and-living-inside-a-dream/
  8. No, I like the thought process behind it. Makes some sense. Two things I don't think I've associated with a comment from you about media.
  9. That thought hadn't really occurred to me, and it makes me sad. I will hold out hope that he can make his way back to Teapot Bowie and go someplace where he can be happy.
  10. That bag of faces hidden under her bed was so fucking stupid.
  11. Just be straight up about it, from the reverse angle, and do the whole thing in two episodes. Or, have Bran tell Arya a million different reasons why he should die, and off him in his sleep.
  12. There were better ways to do it. Faster, more effective, better. When the only option for that plotline is "jesus christ this better not be real," then you haven't done the best job.
  13. Just ran JJ into QQ twice in a span of 9 hands in a tourney, so that's pretty good.
  14. guys, football sucks and is stupid.
  15. Hope no one got AIDS from the eclipse.
  16. Nah, that was in episode 5. While Essay IS that miserable, he's not that much of a dick.
  17. It's almost as if Dutch didn't create a pronoun for these situations.
  18. Treasurer/Collector of my town, my boss retired a couple months ago.
  19. She's a dummy that sat in her car until after her interview was supposed to start. Weird tactic for a selectmen meeting, where they only want to leave. Also, one selectman is gay. Now, as long as I can get bonded...
  20. Public interview with the Selectmen in an hour. There were 4 finalists, one dropped out yesterday, and another one this morning. So, it's me and a Russian woman with this as her profile picture: Also, she has no experience in the field. But, if the Selectmen want, they can not take anybody, and table it for a future meeting, which would be a good cuck.
  21. I really don't know what the big hurry is. My boss gave 6 weeks notice. They didn't start interviewing until 2 weeks after his last day. And now they want to bang out the whole finale in 3 days. The town's in perfectly fine shape monetarily, we don't need any major changes to anything, there's no borrowing coming up that I know of, and Town Meeting isn't until June usually. So I don't get it.
  22. Made it to the 2nd round/finals of the job process. Second interview is tomorrow afternoon, then they're looking to get the selectmen to vote on it Thursday. Quick happenings.
  23. Damn good pace-setting episode. Hit almost everyone, and shit should start poppin soon. Also, the Hound is very funny.
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