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  1. This highlights a bunch of scenes from the show that probably need to be looked at in a new light. http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2017/11/10/watching_louie_in_light_of_allegations_against_louis_c_k.html Also, I didn't watch this season, but Girls apparently did an episode that was basically one of these stories, just not naming him.
  2. The first few seasons are pretty good. They didn't deal well with the kids growing up. I think I have the last 37 episodes on my DVR.
  3. Yes, you really have it tough, with decent livable housing under 200k. This is the closest thing I could compare to in my area. 1 less bedroom, 1 less bathroom, 160 fewer sq ft. 35k more. https://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/West-Bridgewater-MA-02379/57229669_zpid/58752_rid/globalrelevanceex_sort/42.115033,-70.894433,41.898443,-71.263505_rect/11_zm/
  4. You really are the worst. It's a testament to the power of persistence that anyone interacts with you.
  5. I have to tell my son to flip various things in the day-to-day goings of a 4 year old, and it remains a constant struggle not to add all of Leon's wonderful lines right after "flip it."
  6. What, you ain't got no credit cards?
  7. The Dark Tower Unbelievably bad and terrible. Jake is the main character (?!?!?!). Doesn't tell the books' story at all. Doesn't explain anything well enough for someone who hasn't read the books to have any clue what's happening. Just, the worst.
  8. Pats won in '01, so we're well past the 15 year mark, baby.
  9. If Isiaahahiaih comes back healthy, maybe the Cavs are clearly better. If Gordon/Kyrie/Horford mesh well, Jaylen plays as good as he looked tonight, and Tatum isn't a stiff, then those teams could be pretty close. And sure, Golden State is the best. But all it takes is one unexpected ankle disappearance from KD or Steph or Dray, and then they aren't unstoppable. But I guess those kinds of injuries don't happen?
  10. I'm not sure I've ever felt a bigger juxtaposition in sports feelings than hoping for a possible title run for the last two months, and Hayward almost severing his foot 5 minutes into the season.
  11. Had the live auction tonight. Got antsy and confused Nurkic and Jokic, and spent $42 on the ~$10 Nurkic. Still managed to kill the rest of the draft, but wasting $30 for no reason was a bite in the dick. Rest of the team in a 12 team league: Chris Paul, Jimmy Butler, Kemba, Millsap, Nurkic Gallinari, Lou Williams, Dirk, Oladipo, Hernangomez, Teodosic as my rookie, Tony Parker as my injury pick. I can't hate it, but there was so much value later on that I really could have really added a few other guys.
  12. Casino wise, getting in gambling mode, drinking. The green chips still feel like 25, even though they're worth over a hundred.
  13. ****ing bitcoins are hard to track, man
  14. I'm not gonna say I blackjacked $78 into $8200, but I'm also not going to say that I didn't make any money tonight.
  15. Come on, I'll call you a lot of things, but "man" isn't one of them.
  16. RTJ opening for Lorde on a US arena tour. Strongly considering attending. Napa, they'll be hitting St. Paul.
  17. Larry David's office. What the fuck is up? The bball league looks full at 12. And being a live draft, I assume you aren't flying out here for that. This was our baseball league's first year at $150, so that's nice too. Although, being commissioner and collecting payment at the draft, it doesn't really feel like I'm making any money.
  18. Won my fantasy baseball league. Feels good, riding Cody Bellinger all season after I drafted him. Joining a startup auction fantasy basketball league with a live auction in a couple weeks. $100 buy in. Will be my first auction draft. Looking forward to it.
  19. You'd never cut it as a lumberjack.
  20. Colby gambles with it in place of dollars. It just gets converted when you play USD tournies. And BTC only shot up relatively recently. Shit, I think I ran up like 7 coins just in their casino, but I cashed it out for like 3k. Woops! We had a municipality around here get in a similar situation a couple years ago, and they paid. You gotta realize how small-time most local government is.
  21. On coinbase right now, the most I could buy on a card is 6k. I'm sure it varies, but just picking up 9 bitcoins isn't that easy. Now, tie it into a government that is going to have to explain this very large transaction at multiple stages, and Colby is probably the safest and easiest way to do it.
  22. Assuming that you just mean that you want to get to know her, you should do that.
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