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  1. The only "news" channel I ever watched was Fox, and only after something particularly embarrassing happened, to see how they were/weren't covering it. Since literally every day multiple absurd things happen, I've definitely stopped that practice. All those channels are useless now, and actively doing more harm than good.
  2. Most schools are closed. Majority of roads should be okay by the morning, but it's a lot to clean up. Real problem is the temperature. Looking at a high of 7, low of -10 (not wind chill!) Saturday. That just isn't good for anything.
  3. Lot of fucking snow here today. Had the whole day off. Waiting to hear on tomorrow. I'd guess 15 inch range so far.
  4. Went to the Celts/Rockets tonight. Dismal first half, but what a ludicrous comeback. Really blatantly awful officiating the whole game.
  5. If you ever see the private email where he just emoji's a bunch of cocks ejaculating cash into his specifically tailored pockets, please, forward that one.
  6. You really don't get it. Us normies aren't saving money. The cost of everything is going to go up. Getting a few hundred in a refund, and then spending twice as much on healthcare doesn't mean you made money.
  7. omg I don't see a poll option, but who doesn't think that SA is a republican?
  8. NO. The cuts go to the top. They admit this. The bonuses get bigger. They don't ****ing create jobs that don't exist in the first place. And you know what? It is your fault the "morons" in Washington cut the wrong programs. Because those "morons" are the people you elect. How can you not see the correlation? If every numbskull republican votes for the same idiot that gets bought off at every chance, then how can every one claim it's not their fault? Addendum: Democrats get bought and paid in mostly the same way, just in stupider, less damaging ways to America at large. This is a ****in
  9. For the majority of the major corporations giving out these bonuses, it's like 5% of the tax break they're getting. A few, it's around 10%. It's not like they're only making a thousand. They're making a ****ing billion. Or two! And all that money is going to like the top 10 ten people in the business who are already really ****ing rich. And that's the tax plan as a whole: Gut important health funding for poor people, and make the .01% a few percent wealthier. And maybe a few paralegals can put the money towards something useful, but eliminating teachers ability to write off student supplies?
  11. I'll put it simpler: The same reason you like this $1000 "bonus" for every major corporate wealth employee is the same reason you let the space casino planet ruin an entertaining movie for you.
  12. Essay, you're not a Star Wars fanboy, which is where the majority of the complaints are from. What makes it "not good" for you? Ronny, it seems unlikely you grew up loving them, and then hopping in the travesty of the Phantom Menace certainly didn't do you any favors. Watch Rogue One, though.
  13. poor/regular people are all so dumb
  14. I'm not sure I've ever understood one of your posts, less.
  15. When I worked at the supermarket, I had about a 6 minute commute. Now I have a 5 minute commute.
  16. They're coming here on Lorde's tour as well, but its >$100 for floor tix at the Garden. I'm still considering it (non-floor, most likely). They are great live.
  17. The Boss Hog has a nice memory attached to it. We watched last years Super Bowl at his place, 8-10 people. You may remember the Patriots were down 28-3, so once the game ended, my buddy kindly poured a drink for everyone outta the ~$300 bottle. Tough to beat that.
  18. According to a snapchat, my friend won the pappy 10 raffle at the local package store. It was obviously a raffle to buy it, but still, I think I'll be having some in the near future. Last year, he got the Whistle Pig Boss Hog, which was/is very, very good.
  19. This is probably going to be a pretty large part of most of your future female interactions as well.
  20. Christ, I hate a lot of stuff, and don't have a large family that ever subjected me to awful holiday get togethers, but I find it hard not to get behind Thanksgiving traditions, whatever they may be. It's just: Eat lots of food.
  21. I'm off all week. Had some time I had to use, and it only costs me 2.5 days to get the whole week off. A good deal. Just hitting up both our parents on Thanksgiving for a couple meals.
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