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  1. It was more the attempts to scientifically/mythically explain time travel. And then just punting that season and a half of explanation it with the ending.
  2. Flight is missing out here, if not for the opening degenerate sequence alone.
  3. I sleep on my stomach most of the time, like some idiot. Realistically, I probably ruined sleep forever by getting stoned in my apartment room and running a fog machine for unlimited hours, to the point where you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. And then going to sleep in iodized water fog. For a few months straight.
  4. Yeah, the drinking doesn't help. But I'm not overweight. So, as Napa asked, are there other non-CPAP options? I've definitely assumed I have sleep apnea.
  5. Yeah, they make sure of one gratuitous Keri ass scene per season. A real selling point. This final season should be pretty good, though. Hopefully none of the useless posturing of last year.
  6. I did when I first got one, and boy, I sure sleep awfully. I checked with another friend, and he was all like 8 hours straight every night. Mine looked like a seismograph, never more than 2 hours, and at least 15 interruptions of some sort every night.
  7. I went to see Passion in the theater, stoned outta my mind, during a snow storm. Good decision all around.
  8. I got an email from Coinbase saying that most credit card companies are going to start charging these purchases as cash advances. So, that's not great.
  9. Please try to accurately quote me in the future. I'm still on the fence about Lorde/RTJ. I'll probably end up going, but I don't like arena concerts very much, especially for something like RTJ. But, floor is going to be over $100, and I have no idea if it'll be seats, or open area. Arenas stink. When I got my job, I got a 10 month "trial" contract, with the promise of a 5k raise and a 3-year contract if things didn't go pear-shaped. So, I just got the new contract in email, with the raise, and its the pretty standard town job, so I'm not fighting for anything. It's a 3-year process to
  10. That really would have been a great way to start and end it.
  11. Don't give in, Napa. The clapping really makes all of them unwatchable. I do recommend watching the Nixon clip where he says, "yeah, enough of this Watergate business, its been a year for God's sake!"
  12. It's disgusting this is the SOTU you choose to watch. But yes, they're all the same, and they're all unwatchable and stupid.
  13. Yeah, I didn't spend 10 years in a supermarket or anything.
  14. Those little potatoes are good as hell. The cost is pretty insane, though. You can get a 10 lb bag of russet for like $1.99 on sale. 2 pounds of the little guys is like $4.
  15. This is a fair criticism. Water cooler talk is that the show finally got back on track last year, somehow, but once Claire Danes started banging a 15 year old source, I had to get out.
  16. Season 1 of Homeland was significantly better than season 1 of Westworld.
  17. I hear good things, especially after the first season. They just lean in and go with it. But I've never seen an episode.
  18. For someone whose worldview has been perfectly sculpted by minds much greater than yours, your inability to appreciate the true power of the brain is baffling.
  19. It's about the variety! I do think after living somewhere warm for a bit that I would loathe a cold winter after that.
  20. As a kid, seasons are pretty great. All the hot places also have shitty things associated with them. Hurricanes, earthquakes, 7th-gate-of-hell-looking-wildfires. As an old person, I definitely see saying **** the cold and snow, but I don't mind most of this shit. Also, paid snow days are pretty great. I bought the Victorinox that's generally considered the best low-cost knife a few years ago ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000638D32/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) Ended up getting 6 of them in the delivery box. So I gave four away to family and friends, kept one as a bac
  21. Started raining yesterday morning, and the temp just kept increasing all day. At midnight, it was 60. Rained all night. Woke up this morning. and all the ~15 inches of snow from last week is gone. Like, all that remains is remnants of piles that were 4-5 feet high. And then, it's going to down to 12 tonight, and the insane amount of water is going to freeze everything, and it's all going to be a skating rink.
  22. Hank, you watch the new Blade Runner yet? I'm not sure I finished Atomic Blonde, because the end game seemed exceedingly insignificant, but I liked the hour+ I drunk-watched. As an aside, if anyone is a Plex user, let's hook up! I don't get rips super early from usenet or anything, but anything coming out in the next week or two I have in a 1080p. Plex is really good!
  23. While that's definitely the funniest scene in the movie, I liked the rest of it as well. I'm a sucker for Adam Driver, but as heist-style films go, I thought it hit all the notes pretty well, and Daniel Craig was good too. It was fun! Felt like a Carolina-version of The Town. Seth MacFarlane was bad and useless.
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