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  1. Kiss kiss bang bang? Come on.
  2. To be fair, both of your scenarios are equally sad.
  3. Not even close. The total snowfall for the year through January was paltry, and the weather quite pleasant overall. There's only been a couple snow days from school. 2015 was stupid. Like 11 feet. Had 4-6 foot snow banks on my driveway for like 6 weeks. That's still fresh in my mind, so this feels pretty small by comparison.
  4. Give ya one guess where I live: Work already cancelled for tomorrow. We'll see about Wednesday. Snow doesn't even start until after midnight.
  5. I don't think so, that app/site sucks.
  6. I have a 5 minute commute, and no blue tooth integration, but yes, the Amazon music app is really bad. The computer program is pretty good, so it works out well for work. I listen to Mass Seduction, the album, first thing every morning. I'm intrigued by the mixtape station. Let's not pretend what.cd getting shut down isn't the real reason we started paying for music.
  7. I got Amazon music. It's fine and I don't recommend it.
  8. Mouthing "I'm sorry" Lakeith Stanfield is amazing. Give Short Term 12 a shot someday. Nice lil flick.
  9. Speaking of appointment TV, Atlanta is back, and killed it in the premiere.
  10. Watch the Crashing finale. Stand-up roast battles. You don't really need backstory, it's pretty funny.
  11. You need a stand-up routine prepared for that situation.
  12. Give 'em the ole: Analyze this: (Grabs crotch)
  13. And LAX is a hell hole, at all times.
  14. Power was out for the last 44 hours. House is currently a toasty 45 degrees.
  15. Gotcha. The yard is a big deal. I just always liked the pictures of your current place. Hope it works out.
  16. I've always said if you get a chance to spend a lot of money on new home repairs that you don't like doing, while moving out of a place that you do like, you just gotta do it.
  17. So we're definitely sure it's not a Wang alt?
  18. Winter Soldier and Ragnarok are both very good! You should see them. Cap 1 is also pretty good, if just for the weird skinny Chris Evans stuff in the beginning. I'm not sure you can handle Ragnarok, though:
  19. King cuck over here. I don't remember the Sun mafia-angle, but that seems like a flashback. And Jin seems like a bag of shit for a long time! Your top 5 seem pretty right. Mr Eko choosing to leave the show because he didn't get enough air time was a big loss. He coulda gone with Locke til the end in a real battle of black and white.
  20. No ****ing Kate? Edit: No women at all! Jin's wife was 8X better than he was.
  21. Fair enough. I just wanted to make sure that there was no fucking rhyme or reason to any of it.
  22. Has the question of whether its the actor's performance in a film, or the quality of the film?
  23. Maybe if Quentin hadn't tried to literally kill Uma in a broken car, she could have put a better effort forth.
  24. Napa, I got my Kendrick/Top Dawg tix today. So that should be decent.
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