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  1. One awful nightmare about corn.
  2. Despite fitting in perfectly there, you're still against it?
  3. Yeah, all those Long Islands will certainly do some damage.
  4. Most old white men would demolish you, both mentally and physically. Somebody following you to your home is nuts. That's a police call right there. Who knows what these crazy Trump bitches are packing these days. I would also like to add that my moderate alcoholism has still yet to result in an increased weight gain, and in fact Ima need to get a new belt, because my regular one just doesn't consistently hit my notches. Also, I'll probably die of a variety of liver and diet-related cancers within two decades, but no one will know how or why it happened.
  5. I thought it was pretty good overall. The machinations involved to get 30 ****ing people ample screen time is pretty well done. I was pleasantly surprised by the ending as well, even if something called a TIME STONE can literally just reset whatever you need reset.
  6. I gotta tell ya, I think you missed the formatting for your post.
  7. On the whole I'd call Ye's tweets loathsome, but like Hank said, what started it is just that he's got 4 albums he's either producing or rapping on coming out in the next two months. I will say I think Chance actually hit it super clean: Chance The Rapper‏Verified account @chancetherapper Black people don’t have to be democrats. 8,994 replies38,698 retweets138,203 likes
  8. I like the love for Road to Perdition. I've always felt alone in my appreciation for that film.
  9. Westworld with a good premiere. There's hope yet.
  10. yeah, 60 is pretty old. 40's would be one thing to turn down Napa, but no one is faulting you for post-menopause decisions.
  11. Yes, it seems likely that Strat sold for less than he paid. If you factor in bottles he gave as gifts, maybe its close to even? Had a bottle of the Bulleit 10 year. Pretty good stuff, but not really in the $45 tier.
  12. That is a substantial amount of time. On the plus side, you do have large stores of great bourbon.
  13. And yet, ending it will still feel shitty and make you sad for a bit.
  14. It's more dark comedy, as it involves an assassin turning into an actor, but Bill Hader isn't going to do something that isn't funny. He and Stephen Root are very good, and whoever this creep is:
  15. Barry has been quite good, I recommend it.
  16. I can't tell if you know about his drunken fake bomb threat or not.
  17. Hey napa, go hop a flight here and I'll meet you at the garden tonight for Lorde/RTJ.
  18. Storytellers is basically just 808s in wonderfully bizarre, live form. Was one of my favorite stoned watches, watching Kanye writhe on the floor looking for his heart. I don't have any problem ranking it above the album.
  19. the important thing is, you left out his rich homeless persons clothing line.
  20. I'll tell ya, Yeezus is HAM. Pablo has a couple better tracks, but is all over the place. Yeezus is not here to **** around. I haven't seen Runaway movie.
  21. Live baseball draft on Sunday, my true Christmas. And a poker game afterward. I have taken Monday off.
  22. I dated this girl for about two years, end of high school and part of freshman year at college. She was a chubby stoner with a couple tattoos. Now she's a strongwoman/bodybuilder/fitness coach, and does not resemble the person I knew at all.
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