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  1. I agree, Luke Skywalker is the most important and interesting thing of movies made >2016.
  2. It was good and fun the whole way through. The format change from a few years ago was so important.
  3. I know you don't fall into this category, but millions of fanboys thought it was the worst thing ever, and have supposedly got like 200 million in kickstarter type money to make a new film and erase it from the canon. Unsurprisingly, you're wrong.
  4. From what I hear, you need to notice like aspect ratio switches and shit to know what timeline you're in. I did think that Ed Harris taking a million a bullets, and digging around in his arm, seemed like a solid late-game clue.
  5. I don't think we ever had confirmation. Just that he left here in a huff. I don't know who was friends with him on Facebook or anything.
  6. You're offensive in a way that's just gross and depressing. Aside from your opinions on various media, that doesn't bother me. Tilty was (RIP) offensive as a human.
  7. I worked pretty hard for a long time to grind him down.
  8. I flip between Rittenhouse Rye and the Four Roses Single Barrel, mostly. Beerwise, it's a big rotation of local NEIPA's, the big hazy unfiltered ones. Although I had a non-hops hankering the other day, and enjoyed a nice refreshing case of Brooklyn Summer. I hate that I've accepted paying ~$15 for a 4-pack of local tall boys, but that's where we are in the market.
  9. Suited, you can't expect me to live off less than a million a year. This isn't Africa.
  10. Welp, we have a new worst list.
  11. They're at like $10M per episode last year.
  12. Only six episodes for the final season, but as Hank said, there will probably be a couple 90 minuters in there. The cast is actually only paid by the episode, so it's kind of a way to save some costs.
  13. Yes, the witch/robot sex story was quite riveting in Infinity War.
  14. I would recommend the book. Aside from the base concept, the movie isn't really very similar to it. But only the first book; the rest of the trilogy isn't as good.
  15. You try reading Feast for Crows a third time. It's not fun.
  16. Once the show passed the books, they really took ignoring pace to some special levels. And somehow, George managed to go the other direction in pace, post-Red Wedding.
  17. Good for them to know right as you get bought out and get a whole new set of regional managers.
  18. If my life depended on it, I wouldn't be able to name one Garth Brooks song. Like, maybe I'd get credit for a honky-tonk reference with a gun to my head, but even then, I don't think that's the song I'm thinking of. Gross.
  19. Just so we're clear: You're the guy that's offended by the thought of moving to Alabama?
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