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  1. Because it's a woman, god damn it, and women can't be funny.
  2. Christ. While that makes sense, I will hope against that.
  3. Yes, but: Seeing it in a theater with a bunch of like-minded people could be a hell of a lot of fun.
  4. They start filming the movie October 5th. Apparently everyone still alive, except Bosch, is coming back.
  5. you dont have a podcast for that?
  6. Shouldn't you find a way to get paid for that before helping him out?
  7. I work 35 hours a week. Wasn't great when I was hourly, but it's a good gig on salary.
  8. So are you over or under compensated? Both?
  9. One of the "great" writers (Emerson? Thoreau?) had a series of letters to his wife discovered, and they're just increasingly gross about what gets him off. Sitting under a glass table while she shits on it, etc. Weird stuff.
  10. I watched it yesterday, and it's terrible. It's really really bad! The tone is so...off. Maeve from Westworld is good, but that's it.
  11. It's a bit late, but, uh, I guess....AIDS. HIV
  12. I thought he blamed both at once.
  13. What Old White Boomer has ever had that situation, and done anything except blame the youths (or blacks, if applicable).
  14. That town meeting was horrific. Succession is really ****ing good. Sharp Objects is fair-to-middlin. Amy's doing a nice job of being the most alcoholic person on TV in a song, though.
  15. Jesus, I hadn't even considered Dutch. I doubt you'll find a show more tailored to absurd sexual escapades than this. The commitment to eating that black woman's ass is downright inspiring.
  16. I'm on vacation. Driving the family down to Baltimore for a few nights, catch a Sox game or two, enjoy the inner harbor amidst periodic thunderstorms.
  17. That's the worst pick-up line I've ever heard.
  18. I think that's in the revised edition of the bible.
  19. I did pretty much the same thing (minus a divorce) in freshman year of college with a relationship that was clearly over. It was obvious and pathetic, but it got the job done.
  20. Things I've watched over the last few months, with grades that will mean nothing without context, that I'm not going to provide: (on a 1-20 scale, because that seems different) Rampage: 10 Den Of Thieves: 15 (new)Tomb Raider: 11 Ready Player One: 15 Hurricane Heist: 6 Game Night: 14 (new) Jumanji: 13
  21. It is the easiest and most cowardly way to end the current relationship. That's a crazy out of the blue text.
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