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  1. I just got into it these last few months. It started with watching the Netflix show, Drive to Survive, when I was a bit squiffy, and that bore a legitimate interest after two seasons. Plus Angry Steve is always popping up on my Facebook feed with it. Also a GQ article (or maybe someplace else) from Drew Magary about the American who now runs the Maclaren team. It just all kind of came together. Plus races are generally less than 2 hours, so it's a quick weekend morning watch.

    To those interested in Black (specifically Caribbeans) treatment from British cops over the years, the new Steve McQueen "movie" series on Prime called Small Axe has been really good. Second episode is a bit different, as its basically a sensual party, but the 1st and 3rd I both really liked a lot.

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  2. I don't know where you ****s get your podcasts, but should you be incredibly bored, I've been doing a music one for the last couple months with some friends. Most reviews range from "not bad" to "okay," including one friend calling me "surprisingly tolerable."


    its on most other platforms as well, near the top of the "yes this is podcast" query.

    We're doing some Talking Heads tomorrow night.

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  3. I really don't understand your approach to life. And not personally you. But smart people who see how ****ing stupid this all is, but have this greater devotion to whatever the notion of ideal capitalism is, and still say "yea, but i cant vote for the shitty democrat"

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  4. The NV group that appealed the election results amusingly recalled their own appeal, making those challenges 0-12 in court.

    My lil Republican town in ole blue MA still had a group of like 8 people waving Trump signs in the center of town today. Not the best look for them.

  5. Not sure I've had a less-fun 4 hour experience than watching every up-in-the-air state post all their mail in ballots early, watch those Dem leads easily slide away, and end with "Welp, let's see tomorrow," with a best-of-3 scenario in play. 

  6. I don't know the real answer, but it mostly feels like because they can. My premiums went up 16% two years in a row back in 2014ish. 

    It's great fun to read stories from other countries that are basically, "we go get a procedure done for the cost of the cab ride, and then go home and google what it would have cost in America."

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  7. It truly sucks you have no idea what's real anymore. I have one friend who echoes Suited's stances on most things, and he'll bring up a "point", and the amount of time and effort it would take to prove or disprove that point is just not worth it, because there's a dozen other arguments just waiting there. And the same with anything I say. I have no idea what's real! What percentage of "studies" are bought and paid for? Feels like its at least 95%. So none of them are worth anything. I never read Essay's debilitatingly long arguments, but you'll notice he goes out of his way to use CNN/MSNBC news stories, because it's a non-starter to quote OAN or Fox. It's all awful. 

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