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  1. You wouldn't agree that the political discourse has become increasingly polarized since the advent of competing 24 hour news networks? It's made politics an ongoing discussion without any breaks to let people catch their breath...and for logic to come around. I'd also point out that campaigns for president are started much earlier than in history, with this last 2008 election having the most debates (by far) and the longest waged campaign(s). It used to be that we'd at least have a period of "wait and see" with our politicians. Now if the DOW drops, there's finger-pointing at who is in char
  2. The fact is that Democrats were killed, so it's natural for people to immediately look to the opposition (Republicans) for whom to blame. Add in the fact that Republicans are very pro gun (esp. in AZ) and you get a very easy target. I'll point out a couple of things. 1. If a Republican were killed, I don't think it's hard to see that we'd be searching for a Democrat's political motives for doing this. 2. Trying to find political motives of a crazy person is futile. It was an act of a mad man. If every thing he did made sense, well he wouldn't be mad.
  3. Did anyone see Jon Stewart's take on this? He was spot on as usual. "We live in a complex ecosystems of influences and motivations and I wouldn't blame our political rhetoric any more than I would blame heavy metal music for Columbine. And this is coming from someone who truly hates our political environment."""Boy would it be nice to draw a straight line of causation from this horror to something tangible then we could convince ourselves that if we just stop this, the horrors will end. To have the feeling that this type of event can be prevented forever. But it's hard not to feel like it c
  4. I don't think any rational person believes that since Palin made a target over her district that Loughner decided to shoot the congresswoman. However, I see no fault in pointing out that Palin's map and Gifford's 2010 congressional opponent making gun references is in incredibly bad taste for the reason that something like this could happen. Because there are crazy people out there and something like this can happen is why you should avoid the slightest reference toward violence in regards to the opposition. For the record: Palin's voice is so nasal, it's tough for me to find her attractive
  5. You see, you have to keep reading. He acknowledges the absurdity of the comment further down. Or did your poor cranium get tired and need a break? Very predictable that someone would bash Daniel over this, which is probably why he made the later statements. Terrorists don't want you to be happy. They don't want you to enjoy things and if they can find a way to destroy something you enjoy, they'll try.Obviously making a comparison between American Idol and terrorism seems absurd, and it is, but it helps illustrate my point. If enough hateful people thought this prank was a good idea and end
  6. You're not allowed to tell other people your hole cards. Certainly showing them is breaking this rule. Jamie never actually told anyone what he had, he all but gave it away several times though. At the final table, he quickly flashed a Jack, which was waay over the line. THAT would have been a violation of the rule if they called the floor director over. Hold 'em is a game of incomplete information. When you reveal your hole cards it takes away several lines of thinking and you can read your opponent's reaction to the cards, which is information that that you don't have (his reaction to
  7. Certainly Frist has the option of refusing the money, which is Daniel's whole point. It's similar to taking money from PHilip Morris and then trashing cigarettes on the House floor. It's really not that tough of a concept to grasp.
  8. My honeymoon...We were in Key Largo and it had already been 5 days since I got to play any poker, so I had a terrible itch. We found this brochure for a cruise boat that had hold em poker. I was very excited...that is until we got on the boat and saw it was video poker. There were maybe 50 people on the boat, all drunkards on their last leg and the worst cabana singer in the world was performing for no one. She wore a red dress that she must've stolen from the Salvation army, lips like a blowfish and a voice that was actually able to stunt the honeymoon experience AFTER the trip (if you ca
  9. I realize there is no definite line, but what kinda odds do you need to continue there you think? I had 8 outs, but I could really only count about 5or 6?I was leaning toward raising the river, but self control got the better of me. -EV?I also had a real tough time putting EP 1 on a hand. Not too many hands made sense, but this is the weekend, so it could be anything.
  10. Yeah, capping might give me some protection on the turn. I'm still not convinced on the turn call though. How often with that many guys in the pot do you think I'm drawing dead?
  11. 3/6 Hold em-Only been at the table 10 minutes or so, but it seems fairly laggy so far. Hero is on the CO with PRE-FLOPEP 1 calls, EP 2 calls, MPs all fold, Hero calls, mess50 folds, SB calls, BB checks.Anyone raise? Offsuit with limpers I don't usually. I'm happy to see a flop.FLOP [board cards 10S,4D,QH ]SB Checks, BB Bets, EP1 calls, EP2 raises, Hero calls, SB folds, BB raises, EP1 calls, EP2 calls, Hero callsWith an OESD on a rainbow board, I'm obviously drawing live and have good enough implied odds to see the turn with 2 cold. After it was 3 bet, I considered 4 betting it consider
  12. Ehh, I wouldn't get so worked up about it. All he's accusing Pat of is being patriotically inefficient, which is undoubtedly a pretty stupid argument. If Tillman were an entrepreneural thinker, I doubt he'd be in the NFL to begin with. He went with what he knew, which is running full speed into danger... why fault the guy for being inefficient?
  13. Yes we do. Except for the part that says only Congress can declare war. And we don't really follow the establishment clause. Political parties aren't mentioned in the government and they're obviously a huge part in today's politics. Also, nothing is mentioned about the number of supreme court justices in our great document. So yes, we follow our constitution except for those minor examples...and about 10 others I could think of.
  14. IF Shulman is right, the only reason PartyGaming would fold is because they have something up their sleeves about future operations in the U.S. But that is doubtful.
  15. Excellent article. Still, I wonder if he's right. Why would PartyGaming throw away billions without being sure about the interpretation of the law?
  16. Wow, just found this. Aren't you a jerk? Fairly simple? I don't play in 5 dollar tourneys and brag about it. THAT'S SIMPLE. I also don't attack someone who's posting something that they found funny. I made the final table and made more money than you've spent on weed in your life (which is probably considerable). BTW, if "kill your wife" is cliched in your circles, then you hang around some twisted people. Hopefully in the last several months you've matured...doubtful. I forgot that attacking the poster was such a common theme here that I stopped posting. Thanks for reminding me as I
  17. Yeah, the guy said he had KT, but if that isn't a guy lying about his hand, I don't know what is. I really felt I was best, but was not sure enough to act in the amount of time given.
  18. 3X not big enough pf in your opinion? I mix it up between 3, 4 or 4.5 times the BB for pf raises. I'm still not sure on what he had...what do you think?
  19. Any suggestions? Or clues as to what you think he had would be much appreciated. Folding seemed rather weak, so I was disappointed to have to let it go.
  20. Sorry I wasn't able to get the HH. I'll try to make easy to read. I was still under 10 hands for this session thus far, so no real reads on BB. He picked up one smallish pot with a Late position bet on the flop after limping and folded the other hands.NLHE 1/2 (6 handed)(BB) 150 ish(SB) 100(Hero) 100Hero is Button with Players A, B and C fold, Hero raises to $6, SB folds, BB callsFlop: BB bets $4, Hero raises to $10, BB calls (pot $33)Turn BB bets $24, Hero foldsI just did not know what I needed to make my hand. I wasn't sure if the flush draw was live, or the straight draw. I had a
  21. Nah, he's never met the other guy's wife. If he was thinking out loud, it'd probably be-"Kill(ing) MY wife" Or "I'm gonna kill my wife" Or "That bi tch undercooked the meat, she's got to go."
  22. Nah, not necessarily. But he was a very creative player and his creativity showed in the answer. Just struck me as funny.
  23. I was just in a satellite tourney on Paradise and we were getting down to the final spots for a tourney later in the day, when one guy starts talking about troubles with his infant son. He had to take care of him for the night and his wife wanted him off the computer...or else he would be sleeping on the couch. He was, of course, torn as this was a big tourney coming up (150K prize pool). So everyone at the table started giving advice, like: post and fold, go all in a bunch of times early, find a babysitter, etc. Then a guy named 'collector27' came up with this simple gem-'KILL YOUR WIFE'
  24. No, that's a self-loathing thing. J/K Seriously? It makes you a guy who drinks one beer a day. Nothing more, nothing less. Being addicted to anything is usually not a good idea. The key is to do everything in moderation, especially on those things that may be harmful to your body, such as smoking marijuana or drinking, eating Big Macs, etc.
  25. ********************************Did anyone else L their FAO at this statement...funny, funny stuff!!!That's like me saying "I hate pedophiles...all the girls I sleep with are over 14!!Could you miss the point anymore? There's a big difference between an addict and someone who has simply smoked or drank. And no, I didn't L my FAO on that statement. I didn't even L my FAO on your bad analysis of it.
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