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  1. I've been living off of $300 every two weeks the past two months. Hasn't been an issue until now because of buying Christmas presents. Now I only have $80 until next Friday, when I get paid again.
  2. I'm in love with Mélanie Laurent. I need to go to France and find a poor mans version.
  3. I'd like to make a correction to an earlier post. "Draught House 50" is named because there is another "draught house" bar and this one is located on 50th street, hence the 50, and not because they are advertising 50 beers on tap.
  4. Frau, please continue being the opposite of basic.
  5. Don't cry for me, Argentina. There's a really good beer bar downtown that's been featured on tv shows. It's just a lot further than this new place.
  6. Yes. I accidentally bought two short sleeve shirts that were on clearance once and this is the only time they get worn.
  7. My roommate went to Dallas this past weekend with two of his friends from college for the ISU game. The other two ended up in jail Friday night for public intox leaving my roommate all alone and without the hotel keys. He knew one of them went to jail but wasn't sure about the other until the next morning when they all met up at the game.
  8. "Oh but you have to keep track of all the new law changes". Bullshit. I see the invoices. You guys outsource that to the real experts.
  9. Pretty sure my company's founder developed the technology for debit cards.
  10. In order to break the rules you have to know them.
  11. I just bought some new flannels so I am ready for fall.
  12. I'm not her GBFF. Frau knows I like the ladies...ladies.
  13. Don't worry, I was invited to another wedding this weekend. And another friend got engaged and I assume I'll be invited to that one as well.
  14. A friend got married Saturday and I'm just seeing some pics on Facebook. This dudes parents are very rich. Dentist in Chicago rich. She's from Wisconsin. Both very very white. This motherfvcker went barefoot and wore a sherwani while his wife wore a traditional white gown. White people are the goddamn worst. So glad I didn't mess up my vacation to attend.
  15. I hate that I love Bar Rescue. Really need to go to bed but want to watch the rest of this episode. It also sucked me into watching gym rescue and they showed next weeks promo where they do a woman's only gym that looked dramatic and so I set the DVR.
  16. CFA seems like such an obvious answer I don't know what you're even debating. My new title is "financial analyst". Feels a lot more impressive when I tell people what I do than "staff accountant".
  17. I don't like gin. Too pine tree-y. I drink mostly Bacardi sprites and whiskey gingers.
  18. We had a girl get a dart stuck in her leg while playing beer darts. I was the one who pulled it out of her leg That's probably why security confiscated one of our beer darts earlier in the day. Don't worry...she's fine. She's had a tetanus shot recently and there was hardly any blood. Our nurse compatriot signed off on it. We went and floated a river one afternoon. Just a lot of fun hanging out with friends and meeting like minded people. Concerts were all great. That Brad Paisley sure can shred. Zac Brown Band was ungodly fun. Really enjoyed The Band Perry and Travis Tritt.
  19. Lol, OK. Look, I don't drink bud light when I go out to eat. I look over their selection and try to pick a beer I've never had. I hardly ever drink beer anymore unless it's a situation like this weekend/tailgating or if I'll be driving and know drinking liquor will get to me too drunk too quickly. I drink almost exclusively liquor if I'm at home or if I'm going out and know I won't be driving. Not that I need to justify my drinking habits to you. Cheap light beers have a place and if you can't see that than whatever.
  20. We discussed that the next day. But I still didn't feel that drunk which is the worst part. I probably would have driven if given the opportunity to be honest with you.
  21. I don't like the taste of Sierra Nevada pale ales. I try not to bring taste into it though because I am the 1% who cannot taste the difference between 90% of beers. It's all about smoothness for me.
  22. The first day our neighbors were chanting "LADLE LADLE LADLE" periodically and so I went over to check it out. They had a 72 oz ladle that you would put a beer in and then have to chug it. I had the weeks record and had random people coming up to me telling me they heard about my ladle. It was ungodly how fast I took that down.
  23. I hear ya. I want to be thin and happy, too. I don't think I'll be going back next year. Also because I want to go on a real vacation somewhere I haven't been instead. Worst part is I didn't actually feel all that drunk this weekend. I went on a rent at the first night concert to my buddy about how mad I was that I've literally been drinking all day and yet don't feel all that drunk but I'm just too full and I can't drink anymore.
  24. What craft beer can I drink all day and chug with relative ease during drinking games?
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