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  1. It seems Bossy and Skilled are the winners, too bad I forgot about Reliable in the poll.
  2. Oops sorry I forgot reliable in the poll.
  3. Wow, how may times did you have to play it to get that much? You must know the hands by heart!
  4. http://www.tilteddonkey.com/Personality/pe...onalitytest.htmI was deemed bossy. Its pretty cool--you play 14 hands and it tells your style and gives advice, and it seems pretty accurate.
  5. Nope, I haven't seen one. I believe Tilted Donkey will have No Limit soon though they have a link to it just nothing there yet.
  6. It turns out I'm not a donkey, I bet Daniel was though. donk donk donk j/khttp://www.tilteddonkey.com/Personality/pe...onalitytest.htm
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