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  1. I don't like it. I agree that donk bets are almost always weak but I wouldn't classify this as a donk bet situation. He 1/2 pots turn and river. If he had check called flop and turn and then led river its more of a nuts or air situation. Here I think he likes his hand to some degree. The only bluff situation I see here is he turned a flush draw, led it, missed and bluffed river. Otherwise I think he's betting for value. You could make him fold some hands but without a read I don't like it. If the villain is some station you are just spewing chips away. Having said all that, I'm not exactly t
  2. I think your thinking is bang on. I shove in this spot in most situations. I'd like a read on the blinds so that I have a decent understanding of their calling range, but my default play is shove.
  3. bmwmcoupe used to post here on occasion. He took down a couple of big MTT scores iirc
  4. PokerStars Game #26652815364: Tournament #200904012, $50+$5 Hold'em No Limit - Level VIII (60/120) - 2009/04/02 17:25:21 ETTable '200904012 97' 6-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 1: T.P.S (11323 in chips) Seat 2: l_The_Nuts_l (10737 in chips) Seat 3: DEEZZZ_NUTS (14461 in chips) Seat 4: terracelad (12616 in chips) Seat 5: mjh0318 (6555 in chips) Seat 6: apestyles (10263 in chips) T.P.S: posts the ante 15l_The_Nuts_l: posts the ante 15DEEZZZ_NUTS: posts the ante 15terracelad: posts the ante 15mjh0318: posts the ante 15apestyles: posts the ante 15T.P.S: posts small blind 60l_The_Nuts_l: posts big b
  5. weeeeeeeeeee up to 26k in the 5redit: turned quads, 3 on board...reraised river and guy was clearly frustrated by me jamming over his min raises pre so he shipped in 13k into a 3500 pot. Full house no good sir.edit#2 after addon 14415 in the 55r and 30k in the 5r...In for minimum in the 55 and $25 in the 5.
  6. just above starting stack in the 5R, time to start moving in every hand.
  7. ^^^this. My 5r table is full of nits. The good news is that I doubled in the 55R. Flush over flush. Apestyles is at my table but its playing like a freezeout for the most part.
  8. congrats gibler, i was watching from about 80 down, awesome job. GL HU.
  9. I'm not folding a set to a guy who has been erratic. That doesn't mean he doesn't have 88 or QQ. I can't imagine why anyone would play AQ like that but it doesn't mean I haven't seen it. It could also be a AA or KK that went from trapping to spazzing out, but unlikely. If it was villain #1 I would toss it in the muck but not with your read on villain#2. Did you have any tells after he shoved? Without a strong tell that he is super strong I'm calling but not liking it.
  10. congrats, nice job and you didn't give up your equity with the re-deal.The VIP freeroll has been good to FCP, I won it about a year ago. VGG sir.
  11. I want to echo want NNB said. Doing work on pokerstove and figuring out calling ranges when getting a certain price is crucial to becoming a better player and fixing leaks. If you haven't used pokerstove you will be very surprised at the results you will get when doing this calculations. All those times you said in chat "how can you called me with that BS hand?". You were most likely the one who didn't know he was supposed to call you with that hand (if he assigned you the proper range). If you are wondering why you aren't accumulating chips like other players and always 7-9 going into the fin
  12. Want to pass me some of that infinite run good?This was my my next to last hand at the FT of the $109 50kPokerStars Game #26333559202: Tournament #149950062, $100+$9 Hold'em No Limit - Level XXII (4000/8000) - 2009/03/25 0:51:31 ETTable '149950062 24' 9-max Seat #3 is the buttonSeat 3: l_The_Nuts_l (286910 in chips) Seat 7: padrinhao (1367420 in chips) Seat 8: playpoker_ok (188526 in chips) Seat 9: Bond18 (317144 in chips) l_The_Nuts_l: posts the ante 800padrinhao: posts the ante 800playpoker_ok: posts the ante 800Bond18: posts the ante 800padrinhao: posts small blind 4000playpoker_ok: posts b
  13. There is 47500 in the pot, more than 10% of your stack. You don't want those chips? You will get those chips 70-75% depending on GMJ's calling range. You can't give a walk to GMJ's stack here. Doing something goofy like raise folding would be the worst.Congrats GMJ.
  14. I agree with Vick12. We're going with our hand. If you just flat the flop you leave him with one PSB. He should be jamming the turn unless he was just taking stab at the pot and is giving it up. If he puts out a bet of more than 1/3 of his stack or more then we get it in. If a blank comes on the turn and he bets less than 1/3 of his stack I may just flat again (I usually read that bet as weakness, especially when we have the Nuts) so he may 3 barrel bluff the river. I agree with the fold pre as well, but wanted to concentrate on your postflop question. You hear a lot of conflicting views as t
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