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  1. Thanks for all the job well wishes folks - didn't take long, I'll be back in my old hood at drugstore.com starting May 10. Apparently, it's smart to not burn bridges.
  2. I've really been enjoying the "30 For 30" documentaries, but otherwise I do agree.
  3. I didn't work this day or friday either. Or today. Or tomorrow.Somebody's unemployed... for now, anyway. Long story that I can't really give details on (the police are apparently involved at this point to deal with some theft/computer hacking issues, but I'm 100% innocent, so whatevs), but suffice to say that it's looking likely that I'll end up back as a part of the corporate machine before long.
  4. Psh. I had that joke on vinyl.
  5. Make it a 12-pack and you've got a deal. We need a kick returner.I think I need to buy a case of that on my way home tonight. Summer is easily my favorite time of the year for seasonal brews. Curveball Blonde, Sierra Nevada Summerfest Lager, Kona Wailua Wheat, and a bunch that I haven't even tried yet. I need to go to Bottleworx tonight. For the record, that place is now on my commute home.
  6. I didn't have my heart set on it, as we already have one unlikable douche at WR that I have trouble cheering for (Houshmandzadeh, quietly one of the bigger dbags in the game). That being said, since we traded that pick for Charlie Whitehurst (and a later pick in the same round, whatever), I would've preferred Brandon Marshall.
  7. Last night of my scratch league tonight. Been pretty inconsistent the last few weeks, hoping to nail it down tonight and take home some good money.I use Switch Grips in everything except my spare ball. Did it in my spare ball for awhile, but I didn't like it. Love having them in everything else.
  8. sup bitches.Good weekend - Worked Saturday, then hung out with some friends Saturday night. Drank plenty of good beer (Bridgeport Hop Czar, Pyramid Curveball Blonde, Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale, Rogue Kells Irish Lager), played some video games (Wii Sports Resort & Guitar Hero), and generally had good times. Sunday went to late afternoon dim sum (first time, good shit), did some shopping, then played video games all night and made red beans & rice for dinner with kielbasa.
  9. I can't imagine the muslim women wear sneakers.
  10. We'll see, but I wouldn't hold your breath. She's already been engaged once (failed, obv), and it seems to have scared her off for awhile.
  11. Not any time soon. I'm going with the sleeper pick and saying it'll be Dustin. I was going to say Brett, but I'm not sure where man/sheep marriage is legal yet. I suppose they could just have a commitment ceremony, though.
  12. Gonna take a lot to get past WVU, but whatever. This has been more than any Husky fan expected.
  13. Thank you sir. 2 of every new ball they come out with this year, plus shirts, bags, and accessories.
  14. I'm afraid I'm terminally boring, but I suppose I could give a quick life update.- Moving in with the ladyfriend at the end of the month, so been spending a lot of time figuring out those logistics.- Recently got staffed (sponsored) by a bowling ball manufacturer (Columbia 300).- Two of my buddies chipped in and bought me a 3-day pass to Sasquatch Festival this year after I told them I couldn't go because of money. Incredibly generous.- There's a decent chance the pro shop business I work for is going to expand. Don't know how much yet. We have 2 shops now, may be expanding at least 1 more, ma
  15. That's actually the last line of that verse.Fuck I'm bored.
  16. I assume, then, that joyfully you'll welcome them into the victors fold.
  17. All of your teams should obviously get ready to bow down. Mighty are the men who wear the purple and the gold.
  18. sup bitches.Sorry to hear the shitty news, Scott. Chin up, you'll make it through.
  19. Sorry for the delayed response. We have 4-man teams, and you're matched up against the guy on the other team that bowls in the same slot as you. Each individual game is worth 1 point, and team total is worth 3 points. So there are 7 possible points each game (4 individual points and 3 team points).
  20. That's bullshit, man. Rubbin's racin'.
  21. Same up here. After a fairly snowy winter (relatively speaking) last year, we have been mostly snow-free this year. No complaints here... snow days are murder for business.
  22. Been listening to "Fate" by Dr. Dog pretty consistently over the past couple months. Also enjoying "White Water, White Bloom" by Sea Wolf.
  23. Considering I've got a few bucks spread out on the Colts between -5 and -7, I'd be happy with something like 42 - 30 Colts.Also, wouldn't mind it if the coin toss comes up tails.
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