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  1. Were capital letters not allowed in headlines way back when? Or is this something that changes over time once a thread "dies"?
  2. Never heard/seen of this, weird. P.S. I have more time now that summer is upon us, we should play some BFBC. I'll send you a message when I'm finally free from prep stuff at work.
  3. I'm running really bad too, so it happens. Past three FCBL games I've had my guys strikeout more times than they get hits. So far today 15k's and 6 hits. Luckily I had a couple good-ish pitching games to win me 2 of 4.
  4. Caps at PensHeinz field. Outdoor game 2011.yawn. For any of you who missed the posts in the Pens thread.
  5. Is Adam hockey's most loved fan?
  6. woot. From downtownnnnnnnn.He's on fire!
  7. Ray Bourque when he was lifting the cup.-ray
  8. lol get out of here with this. People don't say anything bad about them except calling them robots without personalities. They both are way too far away from the public eye to be hockey's most loved player(s).
  9. Disagree, I thought it was too obvious for it to be anywhere near outstanding. But, I thought they were all pretty iffy at best and not very funny.
  10. I'd say Jack dying has to do with the plot.
  11. Jose Lima died, unfortunately Lima Time has ended. He had a couple good years, in '99 went 21-10. Threw 246.1 innings, 3.58 ERA. Wasn't the same after that, had a couple good years, one with the Dodgers and one on an injury shortened year with Kansas City.
  12. Ubaldo Jimenez is good.
  13. Have you played any baseball, high school level or above?
  14. I'd be perhaps interested. I think though, I would like to do a pool with selecting for top goal scorers. Spain and U.S. will be the teams I've got my eyes on.
  15. Nah I'm good, 'cause you know, I don't actually shit on people.
  16. I made a post on Friday looking at the last 20 first overall draft picks. Bryan Bullington was on that list, he just got the call up to Kansas City, it made me chuckle.
  17. Speaking of knowledge on baseball, I think I'll be freelancing for a few sites, writing articles about teams/players. FCBL will basically be the direct idea pool on where I will get my topics from. For example, I've started my first piece. It's entitled "Fist(er) Full of Dollars" and is an in depth analysis on Doug Fister, why it's very strange he's dicing up every team he sees, and if he can continue at the pace he's on.
  18. Yeah this. Totally amazing how butthurt these people seemed about that, they couldn't just grasp the concept that he had been running the show since day 1. Obviously a great season, loved it from beginning to end. I guess that poster who came in here earlier touting the spoiler was right.
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