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  1. Hi there,Earlier today I played in a paradisepoker 2.000$ Guaranteed with a 25$ buyin + rebuys. I cruised to the final table without any big trouble and ended HU. My buddy was railing me and gave me a comment on how bad i played this particularly hand. I just want to hear others opinions about this.I have been at the same table with this guy the last 1½ hour, with no big confrontations at all. I noticed him play a lot of hands and he raised a lot. He seemed like a decent player that knew what he was doing.We are now HU with stack sizes of HIM (170k), ME(70k). Blinds is 3k-6k with an ante i can
  2. ignore if this has been posted before, but here goes..http://www.pokerwire.com/results.php?title...w&uid=25034 He really acts like a mentelcase lol.just wanted to share on a boring sunday with hangovers
  3. Hey guys.Just want to hear your opinion on this particular hand from the daily 109$ rebuy tournament.4 persons left:PokerStars Game #5030650147: Tournament #25060838, $100+$9 Hold'em No Limit - Level XVI (3000/6000) - 2006/05/23 - 18:31:48 (ET)Table '25060838 12' 9-max Seat #8 is the buttonSeat 1: utreg (174058 in chips) Seat 4: GimmeedaLoot (129399 in chips) Seat 7: Fabux (315210 in chips) Seat 8: BodogAri (236833 in chips) utreg: posts the ante 300GimmeedaLoot: posts the ante 300Fabux: posts the ante 300BodogAri: posts the ante 300utreg: posts small blind 3000GimmeedaLoot: posts big blind 60
  4. What will it take to get a greencard? And IF you get a greencard, you have to work, right?
  5. okay okay :)chip stacks were something like this, 13k, 3k, 2k(me), 1.x k.. I didnt have that much of an info on those players and I wanted to win so I felt I had to gamble a bit
  6. Partypoker 22$ sit n goblinds 100-2004 left and im 3rd in chips with about 2k. Im on the button with 22o and it's folded to me. Im raising 2½ times the blinds and only SB (which had about 1k more than me) calls.Flop is 683 rainbow and he immediately pushes. I think for a while and make the call since i figured he wanted to take down the pot right there with 2 overcards or maybe a draw.He shows KQo and turn is a queen and im done for the tourney. The second I was out people couldn't say fast enough how bad a call it was from my part and have been wondering about that hand all day long. Was it a
  7. Yeah, I don't take offence. I'm here to get help with my play and ofc. apreaciate all help giving to me about this hand.But since he did not reraise me at any point preflop I can't assume he had AK and that was the only hand that could have me beat except if he flopped a set ofc. As I see it, it shows weakness only to bet half the pot there, but you might be right.
  8. Hi guys,This hand has bothered me most of the day to be honest, but i'm not sure I did some kind of a mistake here.1 table SNG 20$. - blinds were 25/50 and im in middle position.UTG 1-2-3 foldsMP1 just calls (stack 1300)I made it 150 with Kh Qd (stack 1800)button calls (stack 2000)SB and BB foldsand MP1 also calls my raiseFlop is; Kd - 6h - 4sMP1 checksI bet out 500button raises to 1000MP1 folds and I go all in since I figured there is no point seeing the turn card with just a call becuase of my stack size.button calls and shows AKIs that just bad luck since there were no reraise preflop from
  9. Thanks for those answers guys. I really apreaciate it!!Now Im pretty sure what to do next time and can see by now it was not a good thing just to call his bet.This is a truly great forum..
  10. I suspected him to MAYBE have one of those cards but still can't lay that hand down and just kept calling because nothing seemed to improve for both of us except on the river.But still, it's more a question in general. To be scared of your opponents cards. Thats what im looking an answer for!Thanks for the answer anyway!
  11. Hello guys!I'm pretty new to this forum and really find it interesting and answers a lot of questions for me.I just got a question regarding being scared of your opponents cards way too much. I do poker pretty good at the moment with a decent profit every week, but there are a lot of situations which has costed me a lot of chips in tournaments around the bubble.I will give you an example.20$ NL HE tournament, 180 players. 25 players left and blinds is about 600 / 300. My chip stack is around 14.000Im UTG and calls with JQ. Everybody folds up till BB which raises to 1800. I call and flop is J64
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