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  1. The city does, but not its sports fans.
  2. No problem, won't have to suffer through the mediocrity that is the Bears, last season notwithstanding.
  3. all doing well so far in the ME.sorry just saw the pinned thread....
  4. Joe Stillman was his name I believe. Looks like him. That guy was the biggest donkey in the main event last year. Worse than Kanter and Williamson combined.
  5. Lindgren just jumped into 3rd place. I think he knocked out Tony G.
  6. This tournament is eerily reminiscent of Lake Tahoe. Like Fids, Daniel has been the chip leader most of the final table only to lose it going into heads-up play. Hopefully, we get a different outcome.
  7. Also, Harry, what did you think of the calls in the Italy-USA game?
  8. I apologize about the Michael Moore comment. He is an entirely different entity and no one deserves comparison to him any form or fashion. Good points though on medicare and our outsourcing problem. I still agree with the decision to go in to Iraq, but I will agree to disagree with you.
  9. If we were the "world police" we would be in Sudan, Rwanda, North Korea, Iran, Syria, etc. so no we are not the World Police, at least not yet.I'm not sure any country is altruistic. Non-altruism is a byproduct of the world we live in. And while near-colonization and annexation seems hyperbolic to me, the Iraqi people, the ones who could drive out the American forces if they wanted to, are embracing Democracy for the most part. Sure there are those who believe anti-American propaganda, but the majority of Iraqis relish our presence there as seen through their willingness to participate in demo
  10. Well, unfortunately, that was proved a long time after giving their information. However, no one obviously knows what exact information Bush received. What IS known is that Iraq had been tampering with WMD's since the early 80's. Any one willing to look at the facts can come to a conclusion that A) Saddam probaly had WMD's and B Even if he didn't at that PRESENT time, he would not be disinclined with tampering with them again.In the early 1980's Saddam used Mustard Gas, Nerve Gas, and other banned chemical weapons on the Iranians in the Iran-Iraq War. Over 100,000 Iranian soldiers died from th
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