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  1. Obviously KK didn't raise enough to get J10 suited to fold. That's what u get when you slow play KK.
  2. Congratulations! Too bad the bad beat wasn't higher.I play in the Cripple Creek, CO casinos and there are a couple of casinos where the bad beat is over $60,000. Haven't gotten lucky yet but I am hopeful!
  3. If you check the Alan Goehring interview in Cardplayer a few months ago, you'll note he references the 100-minute levels and wasn't happy that the WSOP changed the structure. I also have a print out from a few months ago from the WSOP that states a 100-minute structure.Today, they have a 120-minute structure posted but there has been no press release or comments anywhere that says they have listened to their players and gone back to the old format. I am hoping it is true.I can't find any reference to a 75/150 level - I had thought I had seen it on some of the old ESPN broadcasts from the 200
  4. I thought the WSOP main event changed their blind structure this year to 100 minute rounds instead of 120 minutes.However, I noticed today on the WSOP website, that they are back to 120 minute levels. Is this really true?Also, I noticed there is no 75/150 level - haven't they used this level in the past?I appreciate any input on this - thanks.
  5. Cardplayer's new site is god awful. To check results out for Bellagio's Friday/Saturday tourny, you now have to click through several pages to see the most recent results.As of right now, for the WSOP Circuit in Tahoe, they still have no results for tournaments that were earlier this week (pokerpages.com already has these results listed).No live coverage of the Circuit event and the tournament started over an hour ago.What's going on Cardplayer? Wake the hell up!
  6. Last year, you had to be 21 to enter the convention area where the WSOP is held. They simply had a sign posted so if you look old enough, you probably won't get hassled since you won't be playing.Good luck.
  7. [2:43pm: "5c 6c fold...great, now I'm finally getting suited connectoers and they are useless."]I have a question for you Daniel, if you read this.In Dan Harrington's Book Vol. II, he states that if your M is under 5 (M being your chip stack divided by the total of the blinds and antes) and no one has entered the pot before you, you should move all in. I believe when you got the above hand, your M was around 1.You folded 5 6 suited, don't know if anyone had called yet.Do you subscribe to Harrington's theory or do you have a different theory?Thanks!
  8. I won my main event seat through Cardplayer magazine's Fantasy Poker contest.I tried twice before to qualify through live mult-table satellites so it is nice I don't have to worry about that this year.Good luck in your quest!
  9. [Do you have to claim the value of a win in your taxes? For instance, if I win a $50K seat into the HORSE event, am I technically supposed to claim that, or since I didn't win money, i don't?]I won a seat to the ME this year through UltimateBet and they did not ask for a SS number. If I do not cash in the event, no reason to report the value of the win since I didn't really win anything. If I do cash, I'll receive a W2-G.I would expect most other online sites to be the same - they are based in other countries and their attitude toward taxes is that it is the winner's responsibility to report
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