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  1. wish you luck, I hope you keep booking winning sessions as 15% blow to a BR will seem like a huge error if you ever go busto and its poor BR management but may luck be with you.
  2. I use grandiose language when talking because the words I use are the ones I oftentimes read.he's a highly educated author and commentator and I do not see why he would do this, maybe his diction is intimidating to you, but I don't see this as his fault./ggassumptions
  3. eric molina.and he was drunk. which isnt an excuse. just a statement.
  4. hes never used a word I didnt know. maybe you need to read a fucking book?hes a nice guy, and how do you guys know daniel doesnt do that? he has amazing reading skills but every player is wrong and HSP seems to be the only show thats shown daniel being wrong in his reads.
  5. Pro-am poker equalizer and the WSOP live broadcast this year dont count?I do think he is kind of condescending though. never a Phil G. fan.
  6. lol. you were AIPF, it doesnt matter what order the cards are dealt, the hand is over when all five are on the table.'
  7. how is it "nuts" to move all in for 600k at 40/80/10?its just what poker is reduced to when the blinds are that big.
  8. lol I figured this would be widely publicized :)what could he do though, fold? itsch dont sink so.
  9. AQ? if he said Ace High he couldnt have had the nut flush draw because tran had the A , I cant think of many hands besides AT/AQ with the missed gutter that play this way.
  10. TLK once had two tables with one million on each on FTP fixed HE.soo... not that surprising.
  11. looks like it got the mainpage haxed ~_~I hate whenever a private torrent site gets big, hackers always fuck with it.
  12. haha thats some funny stuff. I love the heavy breathing when hec gets 2 outed because he didnt even seem upset but the exaggeration was still amusing.
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