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  1. no shit, damnloved the editing from the sleeping quarters to Ozzy at the tree:'you think I have a chance?''yeah, you got a chance''of course you have a chance''he doesn't stand a chance' loooool
  2. not sure how I missed this, but brilliant stuff here
  3. Your heart is too big for your own good sometimes Kristen. Hang in there!
  4. I didnt realized Elky had that kinda bankroll. wonder how many of these people have pieces of each other. I would be surprised if anyone is fully vesting themselves into this one.1 in 22 chance for a bracelet. do we like this?
  5. I had a fancy belt with a flashlight and a badge.They actually had given me a REAL gun (unloaded of course) that I was going to be just spinning around and around on the table, but they decided against that as depressed/bored twirling a gun could have had some unintentional undertones
  6. ^^^^ Wifey and I laughed hard at that. "Well look whose playin' the game!" By far my favorite line of the night. ^^^^^ Order of who I want to win are Cochrane, Coach, Ozzy.
  7. Tobey Maguire is buying his way out of that high-stakes poker lawsuit -- agreeing to fork over $80,000 ... this according to new court docs.As we previously reported, Tobey was one of 22 people sued this summer for taking Ponzi schemer Bradley Ruderman to the cleaners ... in multiple underground poker games back in 2007 and 2008.It sounded like a bogus bunch of lawsuits, but Tobey folded by paying $80 grand. Still not bad, considering the actor burned Ruderman for more than $300,000 at the tables.
  8. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!heading to see Kid Rock tonight, enjoy family tomorrow, poker friday and saturday and going to Titans game Sunday. Fun long weekend.Peace out nizzles
  9. anyone know the best way to go about getting a gold charm made for a necklace from an existing custom design? local jewelry stores do this? online trustworthy? don't know the first thing about jewelry
  10. The guy in that picture and that name sounds familiar. I feel like I should recognize him for some reason. Pretty sure he used to post on this forum back in the day.
  11. finally saw paranormal activity 3i'll start by saying if you want to go see the movie that you saw in the trailers then you will not be seeing the same movie. I dont believe there is one single scene from the previews that actually made it into the movie, very very strange.second, yes it is pretty much the same exact movie as the first 2 except some storylines are filled and new ones are created.third, this was by far the best of the 3 movies from a suspense standpoint. the producers and director have absolutely mastered the ability to create and build suspense through cameras, corners, pann
  12. you all have discussed about everything i was going to say.coach is pretty damn smart and Cochrane had to be pooping himself just a little bit when coach was explaining to him their exact plan to a "T"I don't think Cochrane should have switched, but I can see his point about not wanting to leave everything up to a game of chance and wanting to at least be able to have control of his destiny, even if it meant getting voted off sooner.
  13. Congrats K!!! fact old man clemens hate's shit!
  14. it's a solid question, my agent is still learning me. I think that is pretty obvious by this other casting call I got an email on today:i can understand the male, tall, thin, lanky part, the rest of the description .... not so much
  15. ashame I would get my nuts cut off if I attended this audition, but it certainly has an interesting character description: Male/Caucasian/30s. FALLON must have good comedic timing. Must be able to transition from comedic to very serious easily. Able to look sleazy and untrustworthy. has shown Monty that he is more of an ass than Monty can tolerate by taking nude picture of Monty's sister Becca. Talent must be comfortable around beautiful nude women.
  16. Kristen - If you want to see this seventh card, you're gonna stop speaking fuckin' Sputnikoh and top!!!
  17. I didn't like Astro until this first live show.I discounted him as a gimmick act, 1 trick pony if you will, and being too young.After last night, that kid truly has some mad rapping skills.
  18. lol @ Brandon thinking 'the big Guy' is on their side. It should be obvious that God wants their team to win challenges and find hidden immunity idols now way more than he wants the other team to.I still love Ozzy, but damn. I want Ozzy to win @ redemption island and I want there to NOT be a merge. I want coach's team to lose and have some huge diabolical plot where Coach gets to Redemption Island and Ozzy and Coach have to battle for the spot to reenter the game.Oh and I'm tottttalllly Team Cochrane. When he was talking about all that Kumbaya shit I was dying.
  19. song choices were pretty much all horrible outside of a few exceptions. the judges make me cringe. only reason im watching this show still is because of the storyline behind some of the contestants.
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