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  1. but he just died last week so moot point ;/
  2. I really enjoyed MI: Ghost Protocol. Lot's of action and standard unrealistic scenarios, but cool gadgets, scenery, filmography and a couple of subtle comedic moments that make you laugh.Spoiler:
  3. I didn't get shit! And I was all out of lube and have a smoky mountain trip coming up and everything. Sigh
  4. this is a round about example of the general public battle we fight for the legalization of online poker......
  5. After several months with little to know news on the whereabouts or standing of Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker co-founder Brent Beckley made headlines in the mainstream press by turning himself in to authorities and pleading guilty to counts of conspiracy to violate the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud.The Wall Street Journal’s Chad Bray reported on the story early on Tuesday and states that Beckley, 31, could face up to a year and a half in prison as opposed to potentially 30 years, the possible maximum sentence f
  6. I stopped listening to LA Reid after he quipped to Simon "You’re doing songs for people that are 40. Why are you doing songs that are so old?" after Drew sang Skyscraper.I was like WTF, that's a Demi Lovato song and she is all of what, 17, 18?Ignorance.
  7. Someone explain this to me?http://www.lvrj.com/news/ex-wife-of-poker-...-135846023.htmlSo Ivey assumes 15 million in debt and wife not only is debt free, but gets millions of dollars in property up front as well as over 2 million per year in alimony?How does this even come close to making sense?Take wealth, debt, etc out of the equation all together for a minute. How does a poker players wife get 2.16 million per year in alimony??????
  8. again, i think he prefaced it well. There are two different responses. Do you want Uncle Russell to respond or do you want Survivor Russell to respond.
  9. Predictable ending, hate that Ozzy didn't win final immunity, hated his 'for the kids out there' speech even more. Coach should have taken Rick, taking Sophie was insane.I felt really really really bad for Brandon at reunion. Yeah, he's crazy and did not play a good game of Survivor, but he stayed true to himself and what he believed in and that says something. For his family to 'abandon' or not support him is just sad. I think Russell started to make a great point about being Uncle Russell or Survivor Russell and how one is a game character and not a representation of him in real life or
  10. This ^^^ I mean if you are going to make such a ridiculous move, wait til after the talking and after the voting and see how you feel then. wtf, really?Sophie is extremely smart, her line about everyone on the Jury going through Ozzie's pleasure palace or whatever she said was dead on.CAN'T WAIT TIL THE REUNION SHOW AND JEFF ASKS RUSSELL WHAT HE THOUGHT ABOUT BRANDON GIVING ALBERT THE IDOL!
  11. Marcus needs to go home.Chris Rene secondMelanie Amaro thirdJosh Krackalackinjic should win, but Melanie will.I listened to that version of Hallelujah 3 times last night. Amazing. Josh and Chris both have the "X-Factor"I would vote Melanie hands down if this was American Idol and they were just looking for the best singer.
  12. still watching every episode and having my laughs, but show is going downhill
  13. Sick comeback after a 2-7 start to run 5 in a row to squeak into the playoffs. GL everyone
  14. <<< Benefited from that big time!
  15. this is a valid point cause aren't they like 2 or 3 hours ahead of CST?
  16. yeah, but I imagine that's pretty cold nearly year round and not something you can just jump into when ya want.I can't find one reason outside of the financial to leave an established job at a city I love, kids go to school, few hours from family, established poker biz, etc.west coast is probably falling into the ocean soon anyways and that would suck to be there when that happened.
  17. Is there anything in Portland, Oregon that would convince you to move there for a job that paid 2x your current income?
  18. Heres my problem with what Nicole did last night.....When I watched them actually singing on the performance night I did not think Rachel Crow stood out any more than Marcus and I would have been fine with either of them going home based on their performances.But there is NO WAY IN HELL that Marcus came even CLOSE to having a better save me performance. I mean Rachel absolutely KILLED IT, one of her best performances to date. What is the point in having a save me song if the judge(s) are not going to use that to influence or make their decision on who to send home. Nicole totally copped out
  19. came to a few conclusions last night.No way Melanie Amaro doesn't win.I would never purchase a Melanie Amaro song.I would never pay to see any of these contestants in concertTwo people I would be most likely to buy songs from are Chris Rene and Josh Krackalackinjic.If Rachel Crow says "Thank you, thank you so much" with that fake surprised expression one more time I may go postal.I absolutely HATE the chemistry between all the judges.
  20. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1821681/Centers on a father who discovers his autistic, mute son can actually predict events before they happen. Looks promising.Creators of Heroes, Keifer Sutherland, kind of a Heroes meets Alphas meets 24Jan 25th premier.
  21. agree 100%Was I the only one hoping Brandon's friend/family member was going to be Russell? would have been awesome to see Russell telling Brandon to stop being a lil bitch and start playing the game
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