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  1. Flopped straight flush vs top set vs middle set
  2. pretty sick hand posted by Eric Mizrachi on twitter:
  3. very small sample size I know, but my poker league has like 150 'likes' and I've gained (to my knowledge) 12 new players from Facebook and anytime we do something special like a bounty or promo I'll hit it up there and attendance is increased at least 10 - 25%not bad for free advertising
  4. I have 2 Facebooks. My everyday use where most my friends are and my 'work' facebook where I add business partners, customers, etc and nothing ever goes on there.I have unsubscribed to so many people it's not even funny, usually the girls who post picture quotes 20x a day are first to go, holy rollers are 2nd, WAYYYYYYY Right wingers are 3rd even though I keep a few around just to piss off once in awhile.
  5. dna4ever


    I wonder if firwgn still streams?
  6. is this pretty standard for 401K's right now as of 12/31/2011Should I be switching stuff up or just keep on dumping money in every week like I'm doing?
  7. you are obviously too old to works the interweb
  8. it's all codecs these days
  9. CABS R HERE! Season 5 Premier tonight.I'm soooooo still on board with this show.Can't wait to see more of the same!
  10. at that particular point and time I definitely felt like I would have no problem being the victor of that duel and no chance I was backing down from this ole man trying to steal my booth!
  11. not reallyHappy New Years Fuckers!DnA spent Saturday - Wednesday at our lil cabin in the mountains. Celebrated New Years in downtown Gatlinburg. Biggest scam on the planet. There are 3 little bars downtown and after waiting an hour in traffic to get into the strip and finding a place to park they pretty much gotcha. Upon arriving to the bar we usually go to we found they had a special. Only $50 cover to get in! At some point I about got in a fight with some dude cause I was too drunk to understand what was going on. We were sitting in this little booth at the end of the bar and the tabl
  12. http://aoamedia.com/dvdclip-youtube.htm
  13. I hate reading for the most part, but am enthralled in The Hunger Game series. Knocked out The Hunger Games pretty quick and about 6 chapters in to Catch Fire. Great read, even for those that don't like to read.
  14. I realize no one probably cares about any of this anymore, but I update this more for me than you so suck it! :)Got 1 day of poker left for this year and I've found myself becoming quite complacent and content. I've really maximized what I can do in my little cornered area and unless I want to branch out into other areas then I'm pretty much stagnant. I originally wanted to grow this huge, but now I'm not sure and again have become content just having fun 'playing with my friends.'I ended up voluntarily closing a couple of my outer area venues that were not getting the traffic I wanted and h
  15. are you insane? those hockey guys are uppity as hell. i avoid them and their superiority at all cost
  16. ohhh now i understand, thanks for clearing up what you meant.cancel itowis that like $30 American?
  17. dear God I literally laughed out loud.AMAZING WORK GOV!
  18. Legalize online poker in the US and thinks will be back to some sense of normality.
  19. If you would have told me last week that my scores this week would look like this:Tony Romo | QB | 0 Maurice Jones-Drew | RB | 18.4 Ryan Mathews | RB | 7.4 Shonn Greene | RB/WR | 7.8 Malcom Floyd | WR | 15.5 Hakeem Nicks | WR | 2 Jimmy Graham | TE | 10.2 John Kasay | K | 9 Tennessee Titans | TM | 4And I was going up against the #2 seed in the entire league and that I would still win the playoff game..... I would have laughed in your face.But yay for the other team sucking worse than mine.$$$$$$
  20. sick brag, freezing and overcast here ;/
  21. pretty much nailed the order of the final 4. Happy with the outcome.Little disappointed that Melanie didn't go off on a tirade in her native dialect, but whatever.Gotta say that I really enjoyed Justin Bieber's performance.
  22. card and lube arrived! shewwwThanks K!Is it safe to use lube that expired in 07?
  23. first time in 13 years here at my job where we are not getting a Christmas bonus. I realize by mere definition a bonus should be treated as an unexpected gift, but it was kind of an assumption being counted on after receiving it for the previous 12 years. ;/
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