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  1. I saw this post and thought it was kinda funny. I have been playing at work for the past year or so. First I figured ehh its kinda slow right now ill hop on for an hour or so. A month later I played 2 hours and so on. Now, my work hours are from 8-5 and I split playing on Party Poker and Full tilt from about 11:30-5. But i still get in a solid and uninterupted 3 1/2 hours of company time . I am a salesman and my job consists of me at my desk all day answering phones and calling customers on my computer with a DSL connection. So its pretty easy for me to play and still get my work done everyd
  2. I use the bonus every month and have never had a problem...til this month LOL. Right after i deposited the money I jumped right into a game and didnt really look into my bonus account to see if it was there. I went through about 20 hands or so til i noticed. I just called PP and they manually added it to my account but it kept records of my hands from then on. So the 20 hands I played before were lost.
  3. damn I didnt get anything So its some kind of special promotion?
  4. I was just wondering if anyone has a link to a live update for the LA poker classic. If this is posted somewhere else sorry i looked through a couple pages and didnt see anything. Cardplayer.com has one but there really is nothing posted except for the tournament startedthanks
  5. ya it was in the premier Bluff magazine it was pretty cool to read
  6. "Thats a hefty wager im shaking at the knees" LOL" ya oh heck ya i call ya, ohhh oh heck ya you beat me again" too many to list
  7. you get the answer to thatr I would like to hear it. Some of these guys just have no idea what they are doing they will call basically anything for any amount of money. Then after you ask them why would you call that you get the ol' "thats poker" or "let me play my own cards and you play yours" I just dont get it
  8. wow good deal but it also works the other way with some of those idiots. Yesterday playing the same game my AA got beat by a 35h with raise pre-flop 3 K 10 hits he raises the pot i triple it, he calls. 5 on the turn he bets half the pot i go all-in and then imagine my suprise LOL. Then again when my QQ got beat by a 78os when a 6 9 10 hits the flop after my $3 UTG raise. I know its all about long term results and these guys lose in he long run but it just gets to me when those fools kill my hands like that
  9. It was Sammy Farha that said that to Phil. I asked him on FT and that what he said "Sammy and his jokes" he added LOL
  10. I dont know if any of you have seen this movie but it was pretty funny to watch. By far the dumbest poker movie with the worst acting by Sylvester Stalone I have ever seen.If you want to just sit back and laugh i recommend watching this movie. Its basically the first episode of Tilt with worse acting,cheesier lines, and a lot longer. If anyone has seen it i would like to hear what you thought about it
  11. Pretty self explanitory.no matter where im at or when it is id rather be in vegas unless i was already there
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