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  1. In the email I received from FCP - they said that you will be able to change your alias whenever you want.IMO - that is way too often. I can understand the need to change from a system-generated name. I do not agree that you should be able to change your name whenever you feel.What happens to the notes you took on your opponent?Anyone else feel the same way?Thank you,Kenmaybe, I'll PM DNA and ask him for advice...
  2. almost exactly 1 yr ago, I finished playing the WPT event at Foxwoods. Last year was my best ever, placing 34th in the WCOOP main event for $8400+, and having qualified for the WPT.This year - the early part of the year started great, a live tournament 2nd place at Binions, and qualifying for a $1500WSOP event.The 2nd half of the year has been the worst 6 months of my career...I believe that some combination of forgetting how to play, playing above my bankroll, and trying to multi-table (I'll never do that again) - have basically crippled my bankroll.Over the next year, I am trying to return
  3. I'd like to play - never played in one of these before - seriously, what's the password?thanks
  4. the schedule for the WSOP is already out -The Main event is scheduled for 4 Day 1's - and is capped at 2000/day The most you'll have is 8,000 (maybe a little more since they'll allow alternates)
  5. ok - thanks, I'll try to keep a lookout for when the next one...
  6. anyone know - of the 21 players, how many were FCP v. NWP?also - since I'm not registered over there, was there a lot of chatter over there about this tournament?Is this something that they do frequently? I wouldn't mind playing in this on a regular basis... :dance: Thanks
  7. well played everyone- thanks for the FCP support!
  8. i have the chip lead, on the bubble...i hate when that happens
  9. I'm in 2nd...lot of chips, for where we are with the blinds - this might take a while...
  10. FWIW - last year had6oo+ entrants and paid top 60. 60th place was better than 20K.I agree with the previous poster who said this is probably to encourage/reward satellite entries.
  11. Last year at Foxwoods, I played in an ACT 3 satellite for the WPT main event. With 8 people left (paying top 5), I was down to 1 chip ($100) after posting blinds and antes. I won the main pot, went all-in on the next hand won the main pot, and then tripled up with AA. From there, I finished in 2nd place..well, I was in 2nd when the satellite ended.I got to play with Daniel for four hours during the main event.By far my most important comeback ever.Online - I've comeback from 40 chips in a PStars sng to win...but those are very rare.
  12. It does appear that John Gale is no longer a member of team pokerstars, FWIW..
  13. I would be interested in drafting for the WSOP main event...let me know,thanks
  14. I will be playing in event #2. I play mostly on Stars, and bought in with W$ winnings. I'm in the Full Tilt major satellite for the main event, so - hopefully....see you all there.
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