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  1. Protege Seat7 Top 250 Multi Table Tournament, 12 Sep 2006 9:26 PM ETSeat 7: StakAssassi0 ($2,140 in chips)Seat 8: RayPowers ($1,495 in chips)ANTES/BLINDS60Series posts blind ($15), ra4Dawg posts blind ($30).PRE-FLOP3 folds, StakAssassi0 calls $30, RayPowers bets $120, 5 folds, StakAssassi0 calls $90.FLOP [board cards 6S,3S,5C ]StakAssassi0 bets $300, RayPowers bets $700, StakAssassi0 bets $1,720 and is all-in, RayPowers calls $675 and is all-in.TURN [board cards 6S,3S,5C,4D ]RIVER [board cards 6S,3S,5C,4D,7S ]SHOWDOWNStakAssassi0 shows [ 8H,8C ]RayPowers shows [ AH,AS ]StakAssassi0 wins $645,
  2. This ad is obviously targetted directly at me. My wife wants a new pool, and I crush pai gow poker games regularly.Sorry FCP, you've lost me forever. Blame Royal Tour.Ray
  3. Dear Steve, I am on a 100 BB downswing. Explain to me how not to kick the dog or throw the laptop out the window.Love,Ray
  4. No problem. Because I reminded you; here's the deal. In return for this reminder, every time I tell you to lay down your hand, you lay down your hand. RaySW Jamie Gold Quote for the humor impaired
  5. Am I the only one who, every time I see one of these threads pop up ro get bumped, logs in to Neteller "just in case"?Ray
  6. I'd like to say that despite FCP being rigged so that QQ is one of my biggest loss hands, Bob has been nothing but stellar in sending responses to me about issues.Ray
  7. You mean "move it to the poker room forum" ? :PRay
  8. Who's in tonight?I forgot to register, but I should be able to make it home in time to play..Ray
  9. I would like to point out that I dropped 43BB this weekend right after clearing a bonus. It's almost like they had a "give us our money back" flag.Obviously rigged.(totally sw)Ray
  10. Speaking of avatars, Miss Idaho, are you dancing, or preparing to unleash the unholy mother of all nut kicks on someone right off camera there.....Ray
  11. I wish I hadn't seen this. Now I feel obliged to try for it...grind grind grind...Ray
  12. Other AZians will have to answer, we all know I'm a lame online guy. :)Ray
  13. I had that happen the first time when I was about 15. Of course.. I may possibly have been running one of the largest pirate BBS's on the east coast at the time, theoretically..... Then several other times for information on other people.One of my wifes favorite conversations to reenact to her friends is the time I called her at work and said "The FBI may be calling you looking for me. Just give them my cell phone number."Ray
  14. I'm missing the joke. Not eligible due to being a mod? Or some better story?Ray
  15. I play pub poker a lot. If everyone agrees to meet at a bar and drink heavily along with me, I think I have a shot....Ray
  16. What the... Top 250 and top 1000 free rolls? I so don't understand what's going on here.So if you are top 1000 you get one seat, top 250 you get two seats... and.. looking at SixHands post, 2500 FCP points gets me another seat (which should be easy for me to hit in a month)?Oh wait, I have a Charter member seat too... So I'll have four free rolls at this....Can any of these seats be something other than NL Holdem please? I'll take Stud, Omaha, O8, even Limit Holdem.... :)Otherwise, I'm dead money. :)Ray
  17. I actually have gone down in tables from four to two this past month, go figure. I've been using the laptop on wireless downstairs, and now that Poker Office works with FCP (YAY!), anything more than two tables is way too cluttered for a laptop screen.Ray
  18. Obviously the secret plan is to have Thomas play the tourney FOR me.... :PNah. best of all, it would be a nice change in theory discussion, as Thomas is all about limit play, and Daniel is much more NL cash and tourney oriented.Not that I place any faith in my NL Tourney abilities to make this an issue. My plan is to suck out on dna, knocking him out of the tournament, then proceed to donk off my chips to Vatche.. :)Ray
  19. Ooh, thank you for the link.See, only 5K hands... I can't even get good Poker Tracker data off that number. :PRayP.S. After months of not noticing this, does anyone else find it funny that the says and the says on the clickable smilies......
  20. I had no idea this competition existed. I guess I should pay better attention..I don't even think I played that many hands this past month. Thanks to everyone else for playing those silly tourney things instead..... :PRay
  21. About the CompanyNETELLER plc is a publicly traded company on the London AIM exchange. NETELLER Quick Facts * User base of more than 2.5 million customers * More than 3,400 online merchants accept payments through NETELLER system * Over $7.3 billion in transactions processed in 2005 * Company founded in 1999 * Corporate headquarters - Douglas, Isle of Man * Regional offices in: - Calgary, Canada - London, England - Hong Kong, China - San Jose, Costa Rica * Company employs over 800 peopleRay
  22. I know its slightly insensitive, but this cracked me up. Short, buff Asian dude playing poker with his mom at a casino seems so much like a sitcom in the making....Ray
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