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  1. Thanks for the updates as always Patty. :)Ray
  2. I need a batting coach. I'm on strike 12 or so...Ray Thank you, Bob.
  3. Says "connection to the server timed out.":(Any ideas?Ray
  4. What draft is this? No viewing of video blogs from work. :)Ray
  5. Oh, I apologize if this came across as a "been there seen that whatever" post. I was just trying to offer additional suggestions. I think its a good thing you posted it.Ray
  6. I get about five to ten of these a week. I have also gotten them from several (fake) banks, and event one from (fake) Neteller.The easy answer for everyone is simply "never click on a link in an e-mail, period." If you think it may really be your bank, close that e-mail, open up a web browser and go into the bank web page how you normally would (through favorites or whatever).Good job dodging the bullet. There's a lot of them to dodge out there. :)Ray
  7. I have a rather silly question.In a six and eight man $5 Sit N Go, "normal pay out", what are the prizes? I think its top three for eight man and top two for six man, but do not know the actual amounts. I'm trying to do some stats on my profit margins and missing this info. If its somewhere on the website, and I just missed it, feel free to tell me to RTFM and send me a url. :)Ray
  8. I top 5'd the Charter Member Freeroll, obviously I am da bestest player evar.Ray
  9. Actually David Gray has been established as the one guy who has made money long term playing ABC, and he's on HSP. :)In general though, I've been watching it off and on, and Daniel has been playing his normal LAG self. Its the same style that works for Gus pretty well. He's suffered some pretty bad coolers over the season, and I'm sure that's affected his play. Ray
  10. Fantastic. Thank you for the info. :)Ray
  11. http://www.prnewswire.com/news/index_mail....+2006,+03:23+PMRay
  12. So, I made top 5 in the Protege Seat 3 qualifier yesterday, but still have tickets to the others for seat 3. What are the rules here? Can I still play in the others for the $200? If I placed in one am I barred from the others? (In which case I need to get unregistered from one, oops ). If I win on the 29th, can I still play in the others for the other seats (I am qualified for I think like 4 different freeroll seats)?Basically I want to play in as many as possible because I suck at NL and want to practice, but I don't want to break any rules...Ray
  13. Don't worry, they're all fish.Ray
  14. Toby,Its a ploy. Its a statement that leads credibility to your statement as well. "Look, I am so positive the dealer is wrong and i'm not just lying to you that I'm willing to let you look at taped evidence showing it" is basically what you are saying with this move.I have never seen them actually check the cameras, but I have seen this comment work to get a ruling in someone's favor.Ray
  15. You obviously stop him from doing any further action and call the floor and explain the situation. Mention the other guy agrees you had the club, try not to let the dealer mix the rest of the deck with the muck. Make mentions of if they have any cameras overhead that could show the hands. Yell a lot.I don't think there's any way I am leaving in that situation without my buy in refunded at the very least.Ray
  16. .. I got no dukes in any of these. I am pwned.Ray
  17. It was much more fun this way and a highly veiled brag post. Ray
  18. Return it without a second thought. Although, I am a big believer in reverse karma, and shortly after I do this, I will be almost assured of being hit by a bus.Ray
  19. Did you at least win that thing with all the chips I gave you? I gave you my whole stack after all. :)Ray
  20. That was not heads up, notice the number of folds. I just only posted the relevent chipstacks.That was like 15 minutes in. Ray
  21. Ultimate Chaos if I remember right. We are talking 20+ years ago. :)Ray Nosiree.Ray I dunno man, what if they all go like this one? Ray
  22. 448 RayPowers clearedNow leave me alone so I can go wallow in life tilt and stay away from poker for a while.Ray
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