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  1. I feel an obligatory TP/MM is necessary here.Ray
  2. The page cannot be displayedExplanation: The request timed out before the page could be retrieved.2+2 finally broke from all the views. :(Ray
  3. Wowzer, quite the comeback play. GG. Now take it home. :)Ray
  4. Ah to be young, unmarried, and not have just cashed out the majority of my bankroll when the port security act hit.I'd so love to do this but I know i currently have neither the bankroll, nor the time. Bleh. :)Regardless, its a fantastic opportunity. Mad props to Steve for putting so much time into this. My hat's off to you!Ray
  5. Nope, it was a Non-pay per view Fight Night on Spike. Some Diego Sanchez, Some Nick Diaz, Some Joe Riggs.... Good stuff.Ray
  6. "Two cents Two cents Two cents""Four Cents Four Cents"BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHH!Ray
  7. Its the 0% Showdowns Won that tilted me off. Every hand got broken off. I took a break, then played some more and dropped another 40. Then I decided to call it a night.Watching the UFC fights was more fun anyways. :)Ray
  8. Allow me to show you "running bad." This is my short session last night.Did you have any hands stand up? Even just one?Then you're running better than me right now.Ray
  9. Just adding on a big congrats PM, well done. :)Ray
  10. I favor the preflop fold. as well. Trying to be contrary here, is there value in bet/folding this flop?Ray
  11. Take one down Steve. I want to see you smashing people left and right on the Cardplayer Coverage. :)Ray
  12. Man, I thought *I* was unpopular and lonely. You're in the negatives!Ray
  13. Play money players, my friend....Ray
  14. I would like to note that Poker Office already has a Heads Up Display for the FCP beta client.I use both Poker Tracker and Poker Office, but I prefer the look and feel of Poker Office....Ray
  15. I'm trying to stay loyal here, but it's pretty hard to find a game right now due to lack of players. I log on, see very few games going, and log off.....Any schedule of when more groups will be joining the network?Ray
  16. "PokerWorld"Dammit, that's where I'm colliding with myself. I have RayPowers on PokerWorld.I wonder if I can request a name change there, then get my FCP name changed back to RayPowers....Ray
  17. I may perhaps be dumb, but is there a way to create a private tournament? I can't find it, and this is very important for me.Ray
  18. Looks it. Can't find a thing by googling.OMFG RayPowers is taken as a screen name and nowI have a . in my name? Honestly. Who else would use such a lame screen name?RayP.S. What other sites are moving here Bob? Perhaps I am simply conflicting with another one of my own accounts.....
  19. E-mail sent, thanks for the update Bob. :)Ray
  20. This thing keeps giving me errors bigtime. Its making it not worth it when half my guesses give cgi errors.
  21. This was obviously some form of hazing incident and you fell for it.Ray
  22. Hey Bob!Can you give any info on if the new site will have the possibility of user created tournaments like the current site does?Ray
  23. I'm confused. Why is this not a thread about finding hookers in Niagra?Ray
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