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  1. "hero caps, SB raises"??????Ray
  2. I pretty much only log on from work when for the down times..Ray
  3. that link went to a blank page for meRemove the url crap at the end.Ray
  4. This is an awesome linkThe bigges pot hand desrves to go in the strategy section...Ray
  5. *hic* $50,000 that I can't *hic* balance this beer bottle on my index finger?Yer *hic* yer on!
  6. Ah my misinterpetation. I thought he was discussing both. My bad.Ray
  7. If you go by the WSOP ESPN coverage, somehwat yes. The one I saw yesterday had Howard L, Robert W(Final table), Eric L, and others in it. The one before that had Jennifer Harmon if I remember correctly at the final table. So there definately is some pre representation...Ray
  8. I think I'm gonna put some money in pokerstars soon just to do this. It seems like a blast. I'll lose, but I'll have fun doing it.Ray
  9. Chandler, AZ 85249RayHurmmm... too late to turn this into Zip Code Poker....
  10. I bet that's why it says "boston" in his location under his avatar!{sw}
  11. Everybody wants some! I want some too! Everybody wants some! How bout you!!!Sorry, jamming to your avatar...Ray
  12. At my job we have a guy who tends to use a lot of profanity. During meetings we have a $5 buy in pool to guess how many times he says the F-Word, closest takes the pot, with the obvious requirement that you can't 'set him off' to pad your numbers.The funny part is that another guy knows about the pool, but doesn't play, and will randomly set off the F-Word guy just to screw with the game, so it's a complex game of trying to figure out a) how pissed off F-Word guy is that day and B) how feisty the other guy is about setting the first guy off.Fun times.Ray
  13. The fingers must gently caress the chips in a slow subtle upward movement....Are you gay?
  14. Just adding in my best birthday wishes. Have a great one!Ray
  15. I feel your pain. Last night was my first "go broke moment." After a couple bad sessions my miniscule bankroll was way down, and three bad hands later at a NL table and I was done for. No truly horrible beats, just lost coinflips that did me in. Its a weird feeling going broke on a paysite for me. Considering my absolutely tiny bankroll in amazing variance hasn't flat out killed me before this point I've been playing with the same bankroll for about 6 months, and my bankroll was only 30BB.This isn't a woe is me post, but just to try to point out to people who don't get it that without a suffi
  16. My kids just got the new Superbabies Dora DVD, I feel your pain.To complete if for you "Awwwww Man!"Here I thought this would be a clever thread about stolen pots. :PRay
  17. Hey, I didn't buy it, I just happen to have a copy of it sitting on my hard drive. Ray
  18. damn:Larry Prugh pushed in pre-flop and was called by Minh Ly. The players turned up:Larry Prugh [Q♣][10♣]Minh Ly [A♠][Q♥]The flop came [10♥][6♠][5♦] giving Prugh a pair of [10]'s. Ly took the lead with a pair of [A]'s on the turn when it came [A♦]. Now Prugh only had two outs to win the pot. Prugh had no luck when the river came [4♥]. Larry Prugh was sent home in 56th place with $145,975. Now the only person I left to root for is Ivey, and I don't know him. The fun has drained for me. Ah well, maybe I'll actually get work done now instead of constantly refreshing 5 web sites...Ray
  19. Well, since you only gave one option, its not much of a poll....Ray
  20. No LoveFormer World Champion Phil Hellmuth stopped by to watch the players and when Asst Tournament Director Jack Effel announced his presence to the room, the love-him-or-hate-him Hellmuth garnered no reaction. The brief silence after Effel's introduction of Hellmuth caused a subsequent laughter and prompted Effel to introduce Hellmuth once again.Hellmuth, used to being poker's pariah, laughed it off good-naturedly.(from pokerwire)
  21. Thanks for the article. I'm waiting until he's out to call him. I'm an amateur and he made day five. The last thing I want to do is accidently give him bad advice. :)Ray
  22. No, but Larry Prugh is the family friend I am cheering on. He's severely shortstacked. I figure he has two rounds to make his stand. *crosses fingers*..He probably has to win not one but two coinflips to get back into it tho. =(Ray
  23. Derek Dix doubles through Larry PughEarlier, Dix's [A♣][K♠] went up against Pugh's [9♥][9♠] and won the race when the board produced [A][T][5][K][8], doubling him through.Well, they spelled his name wrong (Prugh), but hey he made the coverage! And he' still in. Yay!
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