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  1. 1. Move back up in limits. I am not entirely enjoying $2/$4 6 Max..... That's all I got. I already have had to change my diet and exercise routines hugely in the past three weeks. No use making it a new years res...Ray
  2. I thought I was allocated one a year, and I just realized I hadn't started one yet this year....Ray
  3. Best wishes to all and may your holidays be filled with good friends and good cheer, and maybe even some good presents. :)Ray
  4. He seemed ultra defensive about his heads up play. It was a little strange. I think he was totally kidding about the "friends" thing, but was serious about being concerned that you didn't like his play. You floundered there a little bit too, Daniel,not your best interview. :PRay
  5. I really dislike the way Phil Gordon tried to twist the interview to dissing the WPT. I like Phil, but sheesh, keep your political agenda out of the damn interview.Ray
  6. A word fo advice: http://www.notedpokerauthority.com/article...art-1-of-3.htmlGood Luck.TP/MMRay
  7. I wish this could be done "Naked News" style.Ray
  8. I don't know of any sites that IP ban by state.Ray
  9. Thanks for all the love guys. Huggles or Capt. Tom's to all.Ray
  10. Don't worry, your Real Doll counts.:PRay
  11. GG ignoring my comment about to taking General and applying it to all of FCP, troll, er i mean logic411. Ray
  12. What was your point again?Oh yes, that you only read General, and don't like it.Got it.Ray
  13. I'm on a diet you meanies. Stop talking about Yummy Wendy Chicken Sandwiches and Cokes. :(Ray
  14. Honestly, no. General fits that mold. To quote other people's response to OP "try actually looking in the strategy forums."If you're trying to say General is the majority of posts, so the numbers match, still wrong. One thread in Off Topic probably has more posts than General. :)Ray
  15. But.. its not. Its not a hard pill for anyone to swallow. I think if you read this thread you'll see tons of people agreeing that 2+2 has better strategy. I don't think anyone is in denial here. I just don't appreciate people who make posts whining about leaving because they found something better. It's very much a "jilted girlfriend" attitude I must admit. Basically OP "dumped" us, and did it in a nonflattering way. "I found someone new, more experienced, and hotter. I'm leaving you." Its insulting. Its a blow to the ego, especially for the people who spend a lot of time here trying to make t
  16. Man 2+2 is messed up today.Hitting Reply:You can only make a post every -1 seconds. Please try again once this time has expired.Please use your back button to return to the previous page.Trying to start a new thread:You can only make a post every 20 seconds. Please try again once this time has expired.Please use your back button to return to the previous page.And no, smart guys, I have not been posting every 20 seconds. :)Ray
  17. I told my accountant to pay the nice IRS men when it came time this year. I was kind of lacking in options. :)Ray
  18. An extra benefit of FCP over 2+2.Its actually up and working right now. :PRay
  19. 2K is not bad for an investment.Yeah, I assume he's not intending to move up, or obviously bankroll building is an excellent answer as well.Ray
  20. No no, I read it right.You're already posting a lot more than "from time to time," unless you meant "from minute to minute."I'm sure I'm coming off as a jerk, but so does your entire post. It reeks of arrogant self importance. None of us care that you are leaving. We all know just fine that 2+2 has better strategy sections. Duh. I hear they published a book or two that people like. A large number of us post there as well, or pocket fives, or keller's site, or neverwin, or lord knows where else.People hang out on FCP because the are fans of Daniel, or they like the other people here on the foru
  21. 16 User(s) are reading this topic (5 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users)11 Members: RayPowers, Jennings7, jjdylan, zsta2k6, PoppinFresh, Bizzle, mentallyretardedpear, GWCGWC, hblask, pocktdeuces, kkcountryI never understood people who left, say good bye... then are still around."Goodbye." I do not think that word means what you think it means.Ray
  22. Its easier than trying to explain why your bank account has four $5K deposits in under 24 hrs. Trust me on this one.Ray
  23. Aren't you supposed to be off winning some 3 table freeroll somewhere or something? :)Ray
  24. Serious Answer:I put the maximum I could into an investment account set up by my Accountant, tax free.I bought a pool with the rest, which I will have to pay taxes on.If you have a "real job" like I do, and don't want to turn pro, investing is the best possible plan. Ray
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