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  1. It absolutely counts.I stand with Royal on this one. I just can not follow that thread. Its too intimidating.Ray
  2. My favorite question is to ask the simple question "Why would a poker site send to your client the other players hole cards?"Your best bet would be to find the server farm that deals the hands. Hack a nearby machine and throw up a packet sniffer, then spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out a) the encryption system they use and B) the packet structure. Er, not that I put any thought into this or anything...Ray
  3. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious. Ray
  4. If I wasn't married I would suddenly be in love with Renae. It's rare that a girl understands the true value of the wingman.Ray
  5. You've got to get him to workon his game. heck even in those situations he can offer to a) drive ugly girl home B) ask ugly girl to help take care of his puking self.Send your wingman to http://www.pickupguide.comRay
  6. ARGGGH! This computer has no sound! Ray :cry:
  7. Fair Nuff. I think I may pass on Madden. I still am working my way through Small Stakes Hold Em, Learning Visual C#, and Super System II, and have just finished Dean Koontz City of Night. I'm much more into reading and absorbing right now than playing stuff. Although I just noticed there was a new WSOP event on ESPN tonight, so I think I'll be vegging doing that...Ray
  8. What the heck man, doesn't anyone here use a wingman? This is a primary wingman job!Ray
  9. Thread Hijaacker! :wink: Ray
  10. Okay!bdams19's Blog - Check, I have it loaded and will get reading.CaneBrain - I am still at work man. :(krup24 - My work has a free full kitchen that serves lunch, dinner, and 2:30 "cookie time." I am geting fat enough as is without more food. :PRay
  11. I have no poker tonight. Today is ALWAYS the slowest possible day for my job. My blog is down for no apparent reason, and we all know this really belongs in Off Topic, but dammit I'm bored. I went through 2+2's mirco limit micropost session hand for hand and analyzed it. I was that bored.Did anyone think around hand 53 he got bored and switched geas to LAG for no apparent reason?Anyone else psyched about the coverage for the next challeneg match today?Uh, hurmm... that's it. Someone come entertain me...Ray
  12. Yeah my wife is psyched. She's the hockey fan of the family. And then another friend is grabbing season tickets.Why do I have a feeling my wife will be going with my friend a lot more.....Ray
  14. Good times. This is one of those life +EV things for me. I want to go hang out with my friends once a weekn anyways. And we were likely to go to some bar and drink a few beers anyways, so the free poker is a bonus, and I'm already up one chipset. With a little consistency I'll make one of the quarterly events and win something more worthwhile.(Although not if I keep playing how I did that first week. I have no illusions that my play on that blogged night was not so amazing.)Ray
  15. Hey now, some of them aren't drunks.But boy is it a good analysis. I went to a new place last week and blogged about it here if anyone wants a good laugh:http://monkster.modblog.com/?show=blogview...&blog_id=701560Ray
  16. I steal wireless bandwidth, but that's useful...When my retal store was broken into, they stole the change jar for a local cancer fund, which is about as low as you can get. But they also stole my portable. Now the portable is useful.. but they didn't take the power supply that the portable was plugged into at the time. yes, its true, they unplugged the power supply, and stole the portable, leaving the power supply there.I still don't get that to this day. Ray
  17. This is my thinly veiled post to see if my avatar is working.Anyone play pub poker? I'm having fun playing lately at a bar by me on Wednesday nights. I think the more serious you take poker, the more annoying something like Pub Poker becomes, but for me, for now, its entertaining.Ray
  18. I picked it up this weekend to start reading.But I also picked up Dean Koontz frankenstein - Book 2 - City of Night.Ed Miller has to wait a few days.Ray
  19. Geeeesus Christ, my daughter will be 12 in 1 month, would you all STFU. Anyone know a good website for chastity belts?Mine is only two and I'm already paranoid. Ray :evil:
  20. Yeah it's really vague, but its not like every event is the same so its hard to give specifics. Is it really just willingness to go in for more coin flips though? I'm wondering if there is just more of Doyle's "ebb and flow of a tournament" that I am not adapting to or something.Ray
  21. Your entire theory is flawed.15 year old school girls are not that tight any more.Ray
  22. Ha, I just got back from lunch. There will be a thread coming at the end of this month about a fcp trip to casino az on Indian Bend. At said outing I will whup your ass at thumb wrestling.Fair?... I can probably arrange that, although money situations may preclude me being a big gambler at said outing. But hey, who knows, I may be back to good with money by then. How many of us are in AZ? I know spademan, you and I....Heading to Keller's tonight for a party. I have a bad feeling he is setting me up for a beating in foosball against a ringer. :?Ray
  23. This sounds really generic so I don't know if there's really any good advice to give, but I'd like to hear it.I seem to be able to make it very deep into No Limit, low buy in tournaments, getting to final table more often than not, but I always, without exception, sit down at the final table short stacked. It very much seems like I'm good at accumulating chips early, but then I start to drain them back off again mid to late event. I appear to play fine short stacked at the final table, and have good results, but I'd really like just once to walk into the final table not having to worry about w
  24. I accept the challenge, living in a suburb of Phoenix, and get no response. Speedz is obviously wussing out here.Ray
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