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  1. All the time in poker. And not folding this preflop out of position was pretty bad, but if this is your worst poker decision... I'm impressed.Ray
  2. Vote sent.Amazing how supportive the FCPers are. You are dominating. :)Ray
  3. Yeah the DN Card protector is pretty horrible. I have one of those winner's buttons from a tourney, but I think they're pompus so I use, no lie, a pokemon coin from the old TCG. Nothing says fish like Pikachu on top of your cards.Regarding the power muck, did you nut sack kick that bastard later on outside of the casino?Ray
  4. Thank goodness someone went with Journey.Did I miss it, or are we still lacking in Reo Speedwagon?
  5. Bil Filmaff is the greatest poker player who ever lived. He's better than Daniel. He's better than smash, and he's pimper than Snoop.I know you're not trying to come down on the superpimp of poker, now.Ray
  6. I think you handled your mistake fine. Obviously you shouldn't have made the mistake, but it happens, and you handled it as well as could be..except.....My only issue with this is why in the world anyone let a player flip over the the card? No good can come from that card being flipped, and in fact, no good DID come from that card being flipped. There is nothing that says a player has the right to see what could have been in this situation, all it does it create ill feelings (which it did).That's all I would say to do differently. Do not let them flip the card if this happens again. A random c
  7. All hail Royal Tours's new Cleavage^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HAvatar!Ray
  8. are you the real teneight?....i doubt itWhat, exactly, about his posts makes you suspect it isn't teneight?The annoying repetative nature of them?The ugly structure?Their igonrant nature?Their pointlessness?No, I'm pretty sure it's teneight.The join date of Aug 11.The 27 total posts.But I dunno, all those black guys look the same to me.(super sw joke)Ray
  9. *bump* Seriously, noone has any opinions but aki (thanks aki)? :(Ray
  10. Mr Notorious is a long time high stakes internet player I know. I have no idea if he wants his name known so not much I can say there. He is not a name tournament player, so I don't think people would recognize his name.RayEdit: Yeah, he doesn't want people to know his real name. Sorry guys. It wouldn't mean much to you anyways.
  11. It seems like PokerTracker is by far the most popular poker statistics tool used out there, but doing some poking on the websites, I like the interface to Poker Office better, and it seems like it's more informative for people like myself who only play one table at a time.Can I get some honest opinions from people who have used both about which one you like better and why? Also any details on functionality that one has but the other doesn't would be helpful.Thanks in advance!Ray
  12. I had this happen like five times in my hour experiment. It was pretty amusing. I think people get scared that you're going to go all in on them at any minute.Ray
  13. I tried four tables for one hour and watched CSI while doing it.Table Buy In Final Profit1 25 122.6 97.62 25 47.25 22.253 25 97.95 72.954 25 68.45 43.45 Total 236.25That was damn funny. I also admit I was on the top end of variance. I was called all but two times, and I won every call.Ray
  14. A simple quiet "Woot!" or "Ay! Oh!" making a number one sigh with my finger, then raking in the pot seems to be my m.o. To be honest, I never put too much stock in how it affected the other players.Ray
  15. http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=33445Badly formatted paste following: 17-Apr-05 United States $ 2,500 Super Satellite to Main Event - No Limit Hold'emThird Annual Five-Star World Poker Classic, Las Vegas 12th $ 25,700 18-Feb-05 United States $ 9,603 Main Event - No Limit Hold'em Championship2005 L.A. Poker Classic, Los Angeles 2nd $ 904,122 03-Apr-04 United States $ 2,500 No Limit Hold'em2004 Bellagio Five-Star World Poker Classic/WPT Championship, Las Vegas 14th $ 8,501 08-Dec-03 United States $ 2,500 No Limit Hold'em2003 Bellagio Five-Diamond
  16. It's Monday!Hurmm average of one a day during the week Mon, tue,thu = 3Wed Pub Poker = 3Friday - Played some .05/.10 while waiting for a friend to show up from Virginia, 3 beers.Saturday - Home Game, I played for fun. - 5 beersSunday -.... I don't think I drank Sunday.. Oh wait I have a Mike's hard Lime. That should count for 1.15 beers. Sounds like a normal week.Ray
  17. I had to go back and look at the original screenshots... Priceless...Ray
  18. Agreed, and my original answer really was simply "I have never seen them so how can I?" To make this even slightly funnier, I thought MarionSauce was a guy since I don't consider someone's Avatar a real representation of who they are and guys put hot women as their avatars all the time.Assuming Marion's current Avatar is her, she undeniably should be listed in this thread in my opinion. But I also have to admit this *is* due to my bias towards beautiful asian women. You didn't have to, I knew what you meant, and I completely agree. Obviously its because they need more promotion so we can se
  19. Yeah, I agree. Since the point of my first argument was that real girls (ie, girls you know, girls who are actually attainable) are hotter than airbrushed, plastic girls anyway, you obviously don't agree if you don't think Nik is hot and I don't feel like showing you the error in your thinking.Secondly, this will not turn into a picture swap because real women don't need to prove ourselves.Hahahaha! So untrue and so funny!You tell me then how we're supposed to consider you the hottest female in poker if we can't see what you look like? I said flat out that I thought Nikki was pretty, but not
  20. I have seen a pic or two of Nikki on the Kissing Girls forum, and that's the only one. While I find her pretty, I don't find her the "hottest female in poker."I'm willing to review all others though to see if they change my mind. :-) Ray
  21. Easy answer there. Most of us have no idea what you all look like.Ray
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