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  1. From Bluff Magazine: Jennifer Tilly got into the event on reduced fee? How does this work? Am I totally naive about this sort of thing, because to me this seems like a huge deal...Ray(Edit, misread, it was bay 101 not wsop)
  2. no fucking way thats gonna happen anytime soonThis cracks me up so hard. Ron... you're trolling aren't you? You really can't figure it out?Ray
  3. A better question by far is if you are winning enough to justify the time you spend playing.Technically I up like $60 over hundreds of hours of playing.But hey, but this poll, Up is up. :)Ray
  4. I heard of such a thing. I'd say post the thread with details.. It will depend highly on my schedule...Ray
  5. I had my worst day of poker yesterday money wise. Strangely enough I felt like I had my best day of poker PLAYING-wise.I just never hit a thing, and at microlimits, you need to catch cards at some point. My stats for yesterday included the following:Zero flush draws hitting.Zero straight draws hitting.Top Two pair losing to a set twice. Both times my Top2 was flop, their set was turn and river respectively.Zero pocket pairs above 6, zero hits of a set with the one's I did get.Zero Hits for a pair with AK, AQ, AJ, AT. One hit with KJ suited when a jack landed on the flop, but so did a queen, an
  6. I have no defense. Well actually I do... You see, I was drinking 3 beers, and then.....Ray
  7. What about any of these guys:Smasharoo, dank, zimmer, spademan, dna4fcp, renaed, rmexico, dannyn...Ray
  8. 1) you forgot (sw)2) Apparently only on weeknights.:twisted: Ray
  9. http://www.cnn.comhttp://www.page3.comhttp://www.thedailywtf.comhttp://www.tuckermax.comhttp://www.outpostnine.com/editorials/teacher.htmlTell me when you are done with those.Ray
  10. Wow, I am teh supar thread killer today apparently.To continue my annoyance that I am finding with Poker Office. I notice it has a position report.But the positions are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.This is pretty useless since during that session, sometimes position 6 was middle position, and sometimes it was Button, depending on number of players. Does Poker tracker do it like this, or does it do SB, BB, UTG, EP, MP, LP, Butt?Ray
  11. My only saving grace on drunken binges is that I switched to play money, a strategy I strongly suggest. But that wouldn't have worked for you. Your description showed a serious self destructive urge you need to watch out with. It looked like a huge built up frustration that just had to come out.For that, I have a punching bag. If you don't have one, I'm gonna suggest that as well.Beat yourself up for a day on it so you don't forget it easily, then move on. Good luckRay
  12. Blatant Hijack attempt.So I downloaded Poker Office and am in Evaluaton mode on it, playing some hands on Royal Vegas Poker to test it out. I love the overlay and love the interface. But after the session I went to look at the stats and couldn't find anything remotely like a VPIP stats report. Am I just missing it or is this really not a function of Poker Office? I admit I love the Poker Office interface much more than poker tracker, but if it doesn't provide the stats I need....ray
  13. j-10 suited. I know its not exciting, but it seems to always do well for me, or be very easy to release....Ray
  14. Congrats and many years of happiness Daniel!WOOT!Ray
  15. Party is huge and has tons of fish. If you haven't had a real money account there before, I'd suggest trying http://www.instantbankroll.com, which actually gives you a couple options, including one for $100 with no deposit. If you use it, please use monkster in the referred by code.(End Bonus Whoring)Ray
  16. The phone line is busy a lot. It took me like three days to get through when I did it. Ray
  17. Jesus Christ man, its a chat room, not crack, relax. :-)No.. no.. It was crack. I am positive. :)Ray
  18. Oh god no. If I go back they'll make me co-admin a server again. I just got rid of my last o-line after ten years on EFNet. I need to keep that habit kicked.Ray
  19. I got pwned like this last night. I had pocket 6's with a flop of AQ6 rainbow. Too bad my opponent has pocket aces. :(Ray
  20. Just one, took first in a 337 person event.Then again, I've only played in like three ever 100+ person events, so I am comfortable with that stat.Ray
  21. 5's and 7's are -EV.Bump to keep this on the front page., sorry. :)Ray
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