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  1. A big Wah to the loose guy. Ignoring the straight suck out, you still had him dominated. Ray
  2. The "img" button you see above the text box is your super secret clue.Ray
  3. So.. you're going to the Mason Jar's grand re-opening?Ray(local news joke)
  4. Ask Phil if he'll do a heads up PPV vs Bill Fillmaff...Ray
  5. Damn, I hope this is not live on Fox Sports and I am missing it. This is classic stuff.Ray
  6. First, thanks for the paste jonnyutah.Second, that is by far the best response in that dialog. :)Ray
  7. Can someone really be a suck out artist? Does it require eccentric clothing and a floppy hat? Ray
  8. Would all of you people (you people used extremely generically) quit saying that.IT IS NOT! Kick ass new Avatar Renae..Ray
  9. It really does look like a word... but how do you make the GH sound?you know that sound you make when mexico is thrusting behind you? kinda like your trying to say God but get stuck at the "g" with every pump? just like thatLol'ed at work :(Ray
  10. Its in the OP - Wednesdays at 21:00 (9:00 PM) EST - PokerstarsApparently I am stupid and see that now, thanks.Hurmm. I play pub poker on wednesday nights. Let me work on this.Costs:Pub Poker - FreeDNO - $10 a weekPrizes - Pub Poker - Nothing that mattersDNO - Normal MTT prizesDrinking -Pub Poker - Yes, please.DNO - Yes, please.Socialization -Pub Poker - Several long time Friends, and my dad play thereDNO - Forum Whores^H^H^H^H^H^HFriendsHawt Chix -Pub Poker - Yes, and I get to talk to them and take their.. chipsDNO - I can open up another window of pornLack of Children Jumping on me and distr
  11. Fifth Element and Stargate are both most likely to find their way into my DVD player more often than normal.Ray
  12. Great stuff. I have never even done this before tho, but may be interested in starting for the new season. What is the normal time these happen on thursday?Ray
  13. There would have to be a mail order bride joke in there somewhere for this one, then a crack from norman chad about ex-wives...Ray
  14. Fixed your post....Ray(Why do I get the feeling my invite to the FCP Arizona outing is getting revoked....)
  15. So, is it a tell when you knock the chips over accidently with your pencil?Ray
  16. "If ever poker needed a poster boy for middle aged pudgy business men, we found him."Ray
  17. Using that logic, NOTHING applies. There is no official cash game rules for Joe Shmo's house at 2121 Mockingbird Lane online I am going to be able to link him to. This was an essay question, not true/false. :PRay
  18. That's easy, because he kept asking for "official" rules and thats as official as it gets, even it doesn't directly apply. We both know its a cash home game and the real rules are "whatever Joe event runner says they are" but he was looking for some confirmation from an existing source, so I tried to answer his question as best as I could.Sad that I am getting more flack for trying to help someone than I do when I post my usual sarcastic semi-wtty comments which are of no value. :roll: Ray
  19. I did. Notice in my original response I mentioned nothing in the normal poker rules except the stud example using Bob's Rules of poker as well, also linked in that post. :roll: Ray
  20. Both Squirrel and I have already done so..... In fact I gave you the official Tournament Director's Association rules. How much more official do you want?/me starts looking for http://www.doylesaysitsoitmustbetrue.comRay
  21. Hey DNA, so since you're on Poker Haitus, does that mean we'll see (yet even) more of you here? :twisted: Ray
  22. I couldn't find anything Robert's Rules of Poker that named it a dead hand, except in stud.I did read that Revealing a hand before betting is complete was an etiquitte infraction that could result in a banning, but not that it made the hand dead....http://www.thepokerforum.com/tda.htmThat's what I was looking at.Hope this helps.RayFurther review says this specifically in the TDA Rules:36. A player who exposes his cards during the play may incur a penalty, but will not have his hand killed.http://www.thepokerforum.com/tdarules.htm
  23. Can I then ask you to sing Oh Holy Night?Ray
  24. I have never forgotten that golden rule. I just don't expect it to apply to something like this. :)I guess if I played full to enter that event and someone else didn't, I'd be one pissed off mofo. Now, trying to verify Bluff Magazine as factual is indeed an issue, but this sort of thing seems like grounds for a lawsuit if not...*shrug*Ray
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