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  1. All snitches are homo's? How does this snitch -> homo connection work?Ray
  2. I know, I had forum problems about the exact same time. You know you can delete those?Ray
  3. I dunno, some people would say "nuture us with your wisdom" three times instead.Ray
  4. I just checked, I am owned by Alyssa Milano and Asia Carrera jointly, with equal rights of ownership.Ray
  5. I don't look at the chips and play, I am playing the player. Live or online, I am playing you. If it's not you then that is an unfair edge. What is the use of keeping notes on a player that is not that player?I understand that, but you wouldn't complain if you were playing me in a casino and i asked my buddy to sit in and play my chips for me. It's completely different because you don't know when they switch, but i don't see it as illegal.Fixed your post.Ray
  6. oooh do i ever love slow rolling the wife :twisted:I like to switch up my play with the wife. Sometimes I slow play it and sometimes I'm hyper aggressive. I've found it keeps her on her toes, and maintains interest in the game.Ray
  7. CasshernThe most beautiful looking and sounding piece of crap ever made. The storyline made no sense, the acting was monstorusly bad, and they didn't even have any good fight scenes, which you know, should come with a martial arts based movie.Boy was it artisitcally filmed tho. If only it was actually any good.Ray
  8. I hit the Orleanes, cheap, low stakes tables for fun with the wife (although I would not reccoment the poker pit), couple good shows, and the rooms are fine. The big problem with the Orleanes is it is off the strip...Ray
  9. Holy exact paste of a cardplayer article batman!At least credit the source:http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_magazine/a...4936&m_id=65571That being said, those were some great stories.Ray
  10. That's why you need to go to the casino with us. I heard Fort McDowell gave out a $250,000 bad beat jackpot the other day...maybe we can get involved in something like that.Sweet! I only need to win that 12 times..Ray
  11. In real life I can far out gay you.Does anyone have $3,000,000 to spare? I figured out that's exactly how much I need to live the rest of my life in comfort...Ray
  12. Take talk about your cat to off topic. :)I went broke on Royal Vegas Poker this weekend donking off my money with KQs with KKT hit the flop, and I of course got called by KT. I just can not handle the swings of No Limit, plus I apprently suck at it. :(Ray
  13. Spademan, you had him the whole way. Teach those guys not to count on those pretty picture cards. :PSpeedz, Spademan, etc, I am out for the FCP outing this weekend. The wife reminded me it was date night and she already had a sitter. Doh!.I feel so whipped, but the truth is she did plan it first, I just forgot.Ray
  14. Ironically, I just spent this weekend figuring out I was a donkey at No Limit, and deciding to stop playing it in cash games.Ray
  15. Hurmm, my boss is out of town that day, perfect day to sneak out for this..I think I am in.Ray
  16. Bleh, My graphics card s only 32meg.Ray
  17. I am solo with a two and three year old this weekend as wife is out of town for a wedding. No poker until the kids are in bed. :(Ray
  18. Here's my engaging topic.You want to hold a poker night at your house, but its one of your friend's brithdays. You talk with him and clear that he is not doing anything saturday night because he will be on the other side of town with some friends there, so you set up the poker party and invite all the mutual friends.The birthday boy then says he was wrong, he meant he would be on the other side of town Sunday, and he wants to go out saturday for drinks for his birthday with all the people you just invited to poker.Do you stab him in the eye, or cut him a break because its his birthday, he's go
  19. I'm in the eternal debate as well.I prefer Poker Office due to the interface, but its method of reporting positional results is a bit weird, and VPIP is not a default reporting function, which is wacky, but a post to their forums indicated that they would be making it a default thing in the next version.Ray
  20. Om my gosh was that bad. The only justification in his head must have been that he thought getting less aggressive would key off the other players that something was up. But who doesn't let their opponent try to catch a card here. Its obvious your opponent completely missed the flop. :(Ray
  21. How's that restraining order working out for ya?Ray
  22. like numchuck skills? http://www.pofi.net/images/afroninja.mpgRay
  23. I had a guy at a tournament that, no lies, would swoop the cards up to right in front of his face, then put them back down.Now, it was nearly impossible to see the cards at any point.. but when they were right in front of his face, his glasses gave me a perfect reflection of his cards. I warned him once, and it did the trick.This post adds nothing, but I felt like sharing.Ray
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