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  1. Are you guys interested in a stickied thread in the Poker on TV section for this? I figure this thread is going to get quite long.
    I think moving it to Poker on TV will kill it to be honest. Heck, you didn't even comment when I made a crack about gabe making fun of you in the best of HSP2 show. No one goes to poker on TV, not even you. :PRay
  2. The point was valid but I will never get over her whining about that dude's super cool vest at the ME this last year and she had the TD make the guy take it off because it bothered her.Yea that room at the WSOP was quite like a tomb until that guy with the vest showed up.
    I remember that one and no argument there. I have to wonder if she was just trying to tilt the table though. Ray
  3. It was funny how Gus started all the Phil melt down and then Phil turns on Shieky.Think Phil is afraid of Gus?Then Annie makes her big: "I didn't say a word" statement then gets wacked out when Phil wants to talk to the camera and ...gasp... the blinds might go up.But then again, I don't really like AD much.
    I am neither an Annie hater or lover, but I think her point was valid, and I don't think she was overreacting, so much as trying to ask her question while Phil was still being a total spaz. I also think Annie is playing well so far. I'm still not an Annie fan, but this show has in no way made me more of an Annie hater. :)Ray
  4. I just watched it on the nbc web site.The commentary was horrible, including Shanna's.But it's kind of fun to watch, and as much as it pains Daniel to hear it, Annie looked like she was playing well. :PI'll keep watching it for a little bit... on their website. I can't watch a show at 2:30 am :PRay

  5. i got burned in your opinion huh.....well ur opinion means jack balls and as for my spelling i could care less what u idiots think about spelling or punctuation shbbxdgnmgh1mjgh1jkgh6jghj1dg
    Now, I'm no FCP mod or anything, but has this guy posted a useful/non-trollish post yet? I was always curious why these people got to stick around. I may flame occassionally, but I try to do it in a humorous and educational way, or at least provide something useful. This guy is pure hateful troll. Just curious for the mod perspective here.Ray
  6. Hi Robert, I don't have any information at the moment that we can provide. FCP can't provide information for other sites or the Network as a whole.
    Darn. I just noticed I still have some money on here, and was going to play some for fun. :/Ray
  7. equity (%)	  win (%)	tie (%) Hand  1:	94.7266 %	  94.68% 	00.05%	  { AA }Hand  2:	02.6367 %	  01.18% 	01.46%	  { 88 }Hand  3:	02.6367 %	  01.18% 	01.46%	  { 88 }

    I noticed this too, and I'm feeling like an idiot but.. what situations does 88 and 88 tie here, yet beat AA?Ray
  8. Ok. Here's the deal. Its not 6 points, its the points that are deducted yes, and also the points that I should also have. Maybe 600 or so. And I have already acknowelged that the points are not the issue. The issue is if this happens to my cash. Would you care if they just statred taking money out of your account insted of crediting it? I suppose not, you're rich and don't give a **** do you? Although I'm sure that wouldn't happen I thought it best to address the issue now. And what really upset me about the whole deal is that I explained the problem and all but got form lettered 101 with no hope or resolution. Do you understand that? I suppose not.This was a service issue, not a .06 cent issue.You're the ****ing retard. You can't even figure out the value of the problem at hand. Good day Sir.
    Trying to be more serious here, but still fairly direct, so apologies if you get offended.1. Yes, I would be more worried if money disappeared out of my account. But money DIDN'T disappear out of my account. Or your account. Or anyone's account for that matter. You are comparing apples to oranges. How a company handles they loyalty points is not the same as how they handle someone's cash. Its not even close. Not to mention that its 5 points, which I think has the monetary equivilence of a nickel. Honestly, even if a nickel randomly disappeared out of my cash account, I wouldn't be as concerned as you seem to be. 2. You didn't get a form letter at all. You got a tier one support guy who was doing his job just fine. He tried to answer your question, but obviously could not, most likely because he was a Tier One Support guy. They normally don't have the ability to just log in and adjust your points, as that path leads to total abuse and corruptions. They are there to answer questions like "Is the site up?" or "Can I deposit using method X?" or "What size are your shoes?" Anything more complex than that needs to be forwarded on to the next level, which is what he was doing, and quite effectively, even being so nice as to explain that, due to the holidays, people are on vacation (can't blame them, can we) and you may experience some delay while he does his best to get this request filled for you. He handled it professionally and coureously, and while it may sound bit form letterish to you, what answer were you expecting from a tier one Support guy? "Here, let me fix that right now based on your word and toss a few bucks in your account while I'm at it?"Basically, the reason you are getting flames is because you're making a mountain out of a molehill, and have unrealistic support expectations. I'm not saying this to be mean. I'm saying this so that you understand why people are reacting the way they are.Ray
  9. As a holiday treat, I have decided to respond how I would if I were on FCP Support (and thus prove why I never will be):(Things I would answer differently are in bold for ease of viewing.)

    You are now speaking with Ray - FCP of Full Contact Poker Support.Ray - FCP: Hello Matt, thank you for contacting Full Contact Support.Matt: Hello.Ray - FCP: how can i helpMatt: Well my FCP Points went from a total of 655 to 649 and I would like to know why please.Matt: My FCP Points the loyalty points ... not my bonus money.Ray - FCP: can i have your username plsMatt: Ray - FCP: we will investigate this matter since you have pointed it outRay - FCP: since its the holiday season we may take slightly longer than 24-48 hours to get to the bottom of thisRay - FCP: we will email you back as soon as we have found out what had happenedRay - FCP: can you reconfirm your email for me pleaseMatt: Matt: So in the meantime ... what do I do?Ray - FCP: Play Poker? Go outside and enjoy life? Whatever you do, do NOT stop breathing. It is -EV and will affect your future playing performance.Matt: Well ... it is affecting my account Sir.Ray - FCP: It is? How? Do the other people at the table make fun of you for not having as many point as them? Did you really need something today that miraculously costs 650-655 points?Matt: Why do I get the feeling I'm never gonna see these points.Ray - FCP: Because you're an impatient paranoid schizo.Ray - FCP: Thank you for contacting Full Contact Poker. Happy Holidays!
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