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  1. There was one hand where he pulled off a massive bluff against Jesus with 6 high that I think he should have lost all of his chips in. I honestly thought he was pulling a Matusow, but alas Jesus folded.In general he's playing better than normal, yes.Ray
  2. I read this as "Almost got ****-blocked because of the Krablar."Needless to say this story did not live up to my expectations.Ray
  3. I wouldn't do it. I can easily see them nailing you on this one.Ray
  4. I think moving it to Poker on TV will kill it to be honest. Heck, you didn't even comment when I made a crack about gabe making fun of you in the best of HSP2 show. No one goes to poker on TV, not even you. :PRay
  5. I remember that one and no argument there. I have to wonder if she was just trying to tilt the table though. Ray
  6. I am neither an Annie hater or lover, but I think her point was valid, and I don't think she was overreacting, so much as trying to ask her question while Phil was still being a total spaz. I also think Annie is playing well so far. I'm still not an Annie fan, but this show has in no way made me more of an Annie hater. :)Ray
  7. I have decided I would like this show a lot more if Shanna had to take off an article of clothing every time the blinds went up.Ray
  8. I just watched it on the nbc web site.The commentary was horrible, including Shanna's.But it's kind of fun to watch, and as much as it pains Daniel to hear it, Annie looked like she was playing well. :PI'll keep watching it for a little bit... on their website. I can't watch a show at 2:30 am :PRay
  9. PM Tritz, he has a program that let's you see the flop before its dealt.Ray
  10. Now, I'm no FCP mod or anything, but has this guy posted a useful/non-trollish post yet? I was always curious why these people got to stick around. I may flame occassionally, but I try to do it in a humorous and educational way, or at least provide something useful. This guy is pure hateful troll. Just curious for the mod perspective here.Ray
  11. Darn. I just noticed I still have some money on here, and was going to play some for fun. :/Ray
  12. No where near enough pics in this thread.Ray
  13. Even scarier, I'm a somewhat winning player. Obviously its all luck.Ray
  14. Thank you. Feel free to flame or make me sound like an idiot. I knew I was an idiot when I asked, but my brain was in mental block mode. :)Thanks all.Ray
  15. I noticed this too, and I'm feeling like an idiot but.. what situations does 88 and 88 tie here, yet beat AA?Ray
  16. CardPlayer HoldEm Odds Calculator.AA is little under 95% to win.Ray
  17. So Bob, what do you think? Want to hire me for Tier One support? My skills are shown above.Ray
  18. Trying to be more serious here, but still fairly direct, so apologies if you get offended.1. Yes, I would be more worried if money disappeared out of my account. But money DIDN'T disappear out of my account. Or your account. Or anyone's account for that matter. You are comparing apples to oranges. How a company handles they loyalty points is not the same as how they handle someone's cash. Its not even close. Not to mention that its 5 points, which I think has the monetary equivilence of a nickel. Honestly, even if a nickel randomly disappeared out of my cash account, I wouldn't be as concerned
  19. As a holiday treat, I have decided to respond how I would if I were on FCP Support (and thus prove why I never will be):(Things I would answer differently are in bold for ease of viewing.) Ray
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