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  1. Very nice rack for a skinny asian girl...what are the chances they're real??
    Absolutely 0%. Although I don't think this in any way would stop me from doing dirty, dirty things to her.Ray
  2. I'm sorry sir, you have accidently hit the New Topic Button. This button was not meant to be available to you and we apologize for the fact that this occurred. You obviously meant to hit reply to the Vanessa Rousso thread instead, but merely misclicked. Afterall, you couldn't possibly be lame enough to think that we all wanted to read an entirely new topic on the subject of hot poker players (which happens about once a week anyways) in where you typed one line... without capitalization or punctuation.We apologize for the fact that the New Topic button was available to confuse you on proper posting protocal, and will attempt to rectify this immediately.Ray

  3. The WSOP Two Seater at Casino AZ was $150+20, Seats to top two, payouts to top .. 10 I think? I thought it was slightly strange, but I don't know. Someone mentioned that top 20 at least made their money back. In either case, there is more money going out, but I'm not sure how close it is to the actual $150*188 = $2,8200.I was watching it a bit while playing some $4/$8 on Sunday. If I thought I could ever shake my NL donkishness, I'd give it a shot.Ray

  4. I am so disappointed in this thread. I opened it thinking "Wow, first Discovery Channel does a special saying they found his tomb, then Jesus Christ comes back to play in the WPT Celebrity Invitational! This guy is having a hell of a week in headline news!"But all i got was PrtyPSux.Ray

  5. I can't believe RayPowers hasn't seen this thread yet.
    Work's been busy lately. :club: But to answer things quickly. :)Yes, Gastric bypass.No, meth addicition.Yes, Lucky Charms. :PYes, still cash game player. Had a bad run, disappeared for a while fromt he tournament circuit to rebuild. Actually his twin brother looks nothing like him nowadays. :)And, I no longer work for him. I do still wish him the best tho. :)Ray
  6. No, I go there March 1st. If you want to be my publicist you need to keep these things in order.jrobb, from every indication possible, Kevin is one heck of a stand up guy. I have nothing but good things to say about him and I've only met him once. That being said, yes it would be a funny conversation.Ray

  7. i got 50... get treated much rab?btw is this thread really necessary? do you not realize that every single person who plays on full tilt got this same exact email (with diff denominations for diff pensi sizes) and anyone who doesn't play on full tilt doesn't give a damn anyway?
    1. I play on Full Tilt.2. I did not get this e-mail.3. For some people, this is more of a testimony of sorts and useful. If I did not play on Full Tilt, this would give me some information about their customer service for future reference.4. Don't be a ******. He's trying to be helpful.We now return you to your regularly scheduled "General Poker Forum" chaos.Ray
  8. The following couild be a new topic, but I don't feel like starting a new topic and having to put on my flame retardant suit: If you made a final table with DN, what would DN write in his blog about your poker abilities?Mine: Total donkey. Has 5 or 6 explotable flaws in his game. I don't know how he made it to the final table. Dude, please shower.
    Mine: Good limit player turned bad NL player. Easy to trap.Ray
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