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  1. Do you ever call preflop, get raised 1 more bet and fold before the flop comes?If you call being the big blind calling, then yes. Otherwise, no. But if its folded to the SB and he raises and I have something joyous like 82o, I just give it up.That comment was mainly to highlight that I think I may be beat even preflop, but that pot odds are good for me. For the guy who votes for calling the flop bet, I'd like to discuss more, because my big issue is, if i just call this bet, I really have no idea what BB has.I often bet/raise the flop for information. I think it gives me the chance to win the
  2. Over on Keller's site, this hand generated a big discussion. I think some of it is results oriented, so I wanted to get people's opinions here on the hand. Flame away.Limit Holdem $2/$4Full Ring GameRayPowers in MP is dealt :heartsa: :clubsj: 2 Folds, RayPowers Raises, 3 Folds, LP2 Call, 2 Folds, BB(BB) Raises, RayPowers Calls, LP2 Calls.LP2 plays with literally anything and rides it out, so his call means nothing. BB is fairly tight, so his raise could indicate a medium pocket pair or up, or AK/AQ, which would be bad for me. I open raised early with not the greatest hand because the table ha
  3. Donut to mouth curls dont count.Heh, you should see recent pics, he's dropped over a hundred pounds and counting. However, I got no dukes on saying if he works out. I admit I have never seen it. :PDavid was indeed banned for a period of time by the DCI. I was working the Pro Tour actively when it happened. Thomas is not a public ranter in terms of gaming. I don't think I'd ever see him flip off the camera or anything like that. I have seen him get pretty annoyed at his computer screen occassionally, but have yet to hear the words "Ray, can you get me a new laptop, I threw the old one in the po
  4. I would like to ammend the above post to state that I don't play with the kids and have sex with the wife AT THE SAME TIME.Well, unless my day is REALLY busy.Ray
  5. Why does this sound like a sting operation to me?As a side note, I wonder if there's a business to be had for cybersex pay sites. If sex phone lines can make it, why not sex by IM lines.....Ray
  6. I am not a tourney player for the most part. I play limit ring games. I play in the occasional FCP freeroll, and will try to the saturday tournament since Daniel is being so call as to throw 5K into the mix. And I post. And I run another poker player's website. And I read books. And I blog. And every once in a while I play with the kids and have sex with my wife.Oh crap, I do work sometimes too, forgot about that.Ray
  7. Damn, I must not be mature enough.Extremely annoying hot chicks make me want to bang them, give them a money shot then kick them out the door.But I still want to bang them.Ray
  8. I could have sworn UB ran 400/800 before.And my answer is online. I am not good at hiding my tells. Even if I am at the top of my game. The edge on live may be better, but the ease of playing online far out balances it for me.Ray
  9. I would think "I am screwing her daily and you are not, so I guess its irrelevent."And that's a hard sell considering there is actually a T_Shirt out there that says "I'm no Ray Powers" with a picture of a ruler by it. My friends have decided that if I play the WSOP Main Event this year, they are all wearing those shirts. Should make for interesting ESPN camera time.Ray
  10. He thinks "I am screwing that daily and you are not."Ray
  11. A friend just suggested I sign up as a rev share affiliate, and then sign up my wife under my code and play on her account, which would basically be 20% rakeback.... Hurmmmm unethical, but interesting nonetheless. :PRay
  12. I already have a party poker money account from when I did Instant bankroll.... I am planning on playing on Party a lot more, and am looking to get some rakeback. Any sugegstions for an already created money account? :(Ray
  13. If it goes to the river, and they ask me "if I fold will you show" I always answer "You have to pay to see the cards."If I win a pot preflop with an obvious hand, like pocket Kings or such, I'll flip em just for fun.Ray
  14. If we are doing analysis, do we want the answer yet? It would be neat to hear from DN, I dont know if he will though.The answer is in the 2+2 thread for those of you who can't wait. Personally I'd like to hear Daniel's side of this hand. I think it would be very interesting.Ray
  15. Wow, .. uh.. hurmm.Not one person asked what site he played on and what screen name....I am stunned.Ray
  16. Party is way looser yes. FCP seems to have some tight players, but you seem to always be able to find one or two total fish per table, so its mainly a matter of isolating them.Ray
  17. Just a quick grats to Daniel. Well done on the win! :)Ray
  18. So, I have three laptops. I started playing on Laptop number one, which is my primary. Laptop number 2 is the wife's, laptop number 3 is "old crappy but still usable spare laptop."After the intial issue of finding out that I need to click on Enable Statistics to get a history, laptop one breaks. I send it in for repair. It has my Poker Tracker and Poker Office clients on it.For the MONTH it is gone, I continue to play on Laptop 2 and Laptop 3, depending on when the wife needed her good laptop. Yesterday, finally, Laptop 1 arrives, and I cheer in joy. I immediately load it up, and the other two
  19. Have you read this recently?http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...=0&fpart=1&vc=1Ray
  20. Oh, I have my own office, and I work in an environment where its not unsual to see porn on the screen of the employees.No one thinks twice about text on some forum here.(Thats being said, I understand that people need to do this, but that's not what was indicated in the above post. )Ray
  21. Thanks for the F5 shortcut. Don't forget Alt + Tab to switch through the windows!Alt+Tab is God. I especially love the PowerToys upgrade for XP. Makes it look so pretty.First of all, you guys are amateurs. I have those plus Keller's site, plus yahoo mail, plus 2+2, plus webmail, plus whatboyswant.Second, wtf? Alt+Tab?!?!! You have Firefox! "open in new Tab" is infinitely better and then you can use ctrl tab to cycle and never leave the window..Dern internet noobs! (sw)Ray
  22. Nice post! Saved us all a bunch of looking up. Thanks. :)Heh, from one of the bios: For a first place win of $22K... 3 Table $1K event? Ray
  23. Hi Mookie!Welcome to the forum!Although Daniel does frequent all of the forums, its rare to never that he answers posts titles "question for Daniel," as, if he did, that's all he would ever get to do with his life. I suggest either trying to e-mail him if you have an email, or bringing up the topic in the strategy forums. That way you can get some good opinions of other players, generate some good discussion in the forum, and Daniel may jump in a talk about it depending on how interesting a question he thinks it is.Oh, and ignore the 30 flames you are about to get. They are just bitter.Ray
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