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  1. I am suggesting FCP to a friend, and am looking for any way to get a referrer credit of some sort.... I couldn't find anything on the web pages, but I may just be slow. It is early.Ray
  2. I just got a 404 trying to go to the store. Doh!Ray
  3. Is this a troll?I would have punched the dealer in the face then called the floor manager to finish the job.Ok, maybe I wouldn't have called the floor manager...Ray
  4. Why wouldn't you put him on a non-premium pocket pair? You don't think he could make this play with something like 66 if he's "tricky aggressive"? I'm just saying because when I check raise and get flat called by someone I consider a good player (which you said you thought he was) in no limit, it screams trap to me.Ray
  5. Dude? Wtf? No love for me?I said "It's pretty hard to put the villan on anything but a set as well, or an overpair."Ray
  6. There's two options, you could have called with some suited connectors hoping for implied odds, but your check raise leans me more towards thinking you had 55 or 66.It's pretty hard to put the villan on anything but a set as well, or an overpair. Neither of you really look like you were hunting for a straight.Ray
  7. blogspot, livejournal, Keller's site (pimp).Ray
  8. Woot, a free opportunity to pimp.http://www.thunderkeller.comThomas blogs there, and so do several members of his forums. Check out the left hand bar on the main page.Ray[/url]
  9. it will be the end of getting HH's for tables you're not playing on, which means no datamining.For Poker tracker maybe... Doesn't Poker Office get its data direct from the client or from the chat window? (I honestly dont know)Ray
  10. Same here, if you email me at rayp@thunderkeller.com, I can get you a pic of Keller. We suck though, because we send out 5X7's instead. Ray
  11. This is hearsay from friends who live in Vegas, so take it as second hand information.While the Orleanes may indeed have lower limits, its very much a "locals" casino, and the competition is much stiffer there than in most poker rooms...Ray
  12. I was just talking with custom about this, and am curious about other people's opinion on rakeback with staking.So, if I am staking you to play 30/60 on your account, who should get the rakeback? Me? You? Some Split?Does it change if I am staking you to play on MY account?Does it change depending on who set up the rakeback?I'd like opinions from people on what is "right" to them, and on what they may have experienced first hand..Ray
  13. Conveniently, the new Card Player online has an article about going broke that's worth a read:http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_magazine/a...5271&m_id=65582Ray
  14. While I voted option 2, the odds of Daniel responding to a post directed at him like this is very very slim. If he did, every thread woudl suddenly say 'Daniel, can you tell me what color to dye my pubes?" or "Daniel, what should I eat for dinner?"Not trying to be a jerk, I'm just saying, it doesn't normally work.Now, if you're up for the opinion of a lowly forum poster....A large number of the high level poker players you see are also degenerate gamblers. They even admit this. Their exemplary poker skills keep them above water most of the time, but not always, and then they dip down and "go
  15. Could you also go to his house and manually enter in his lost handhistory, and cook dinner?Ray(sorry, couldn't resist)
  16. Here I thought this would be a topic about Poker Office's cool new "See Mucked Hands" feature on its HUD. Imagine my suprise....Ray
  17. It seemed less flamey before. I "miss" the good ole days, but I also realize my attitude has changed in the past year, so it might just be me.Ray
  18. New Mattresses for the kids.An Armoire (spelling) for the front room.A nice diamond necklace for the wife.Oh, and hookers and blow of course.Ray
  19. I got Money transfer ability on UB faster than that. Weird..Ray
  20. Having already been in the position of playing with someone else's money way outside my bankroll, I can say with confidence I could do this.Ray
  21. Nope, its bad wording on my part I guess because I was trying to explain the pot odds in the original post.I can think of no situation where I open raise, then fold for one more bet.Ray
  22. Well, if the turn blanks and I assume I am drawing to three outs, I'm getting 11:1 on my money for the turn bet if I assume LP2 will still call, so I see your point. Ray
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